4 Collective Nouns for Pigs

Although pigs are known to be dirty animals because they love rolling around in the mud, they are one of the cleanest animals today. They don’t sweat and are more intelligent than dogs. So, some pigs are like family pets rather than livestock. If you want to know the collective nouns for pigs, read below!

Collective Nouns for Pigs


  • (Meaning) Most pig farms have categories for their pigs to know which are younger and which are older. A group of older pigs is a drift because older pigs have trouble moving.

  • Example 1: We added more to the drift of pigs, so make sure to buy more food for them.

  • Example 2: We only have a drift of pigs left, but their meat won’t be that good.


  • (Meaning) Pigs are livestock and sold for their meat and lard. They are cared for by people to open spaces for them to roam around, feed, and lay in the sun. Therefore, we use drove as a collective noun for pigs.

  • Example 1: The drove of pigs escaped from their pen!

  • Example 2: I want to have a drove of pigs on a farm someday.


  • (Meaning) A sounder of pigs consists of the male, female, and young. Sounder is a collective noun used by farmers to differentiate between the groups of pigs on a farm.

  • Example 1: The sounder of pigs did not eat yet. Please give them food right away.

  • Example 2: We have a sounder of pigs, but they are pets, not livestock.


  • (Meaning) Another farming term for a group of pigs is “team.” Since pigs are kept in a group and live together, the word “team” is a great collective noun for them.

  • Example 1: Do you have a team of pigs you could sell to me?

  • Example 2: Our team of pigs is growing so fast that we need to build a bigger house for them.

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