4 Examples of Collective Nouns for Kids

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Kids bring sunshine and joy to an adult’s life. But, sometimes a lot of kids can be overwhelming, especially if they love to run around and play. So, what collective nouns are best used for a group of kids? Let’s learn about them below!

Examples of Collective Nouns for Kids


  • (Meaning) A group of kids is often found in school. Each age group has different levels of learning in class, which is why we use “class of kids” as a collective noun for them.

  • Example 1: The class of kids in Room 12 should be given a quick break before continuing their exams.

  • Example 2: I don’t think I can control a class of kids.


  • (Meaning) Kids, just like adults, form groups with other kids who share the same interests. Sometimes, these groups are big, therefore we use the word “crowd” for a large group of kids.

  • Example 1: There’s a crowd of kids in the hallway that should be in class right now.

  • Example 2: Let’s go around the class of kids and hope we won’t be late.


  • (Meaning) The word “roomful” is used for a group of kids that crowd a room. This could be in a classroom wherein children learn or a specific room in the house where children play. 

  • Example 1: I have a roomful of kids that need activities to keep them busy the rest of the day.

  • Example 2: I am amazed by how you handle a roomful of kids all on your own!


  • (Meaning) Kids also play sports and other team games. Sometimes, two groups of kids play against each other. Therefore, we use “team” for a group of kids that play against another group of kids.

  • Example 1: You have a feisty team of kids, Coach.

  • Example 2: Can our team play against your team of kids?

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