5 Collective Nouns for Camels

Camels are interesting animals because they have three eyelids and two sets of eyelashes that help them block sand from entering their eyes. Camels either have one or two bumps on their backs that store water, since the desert does not have enough water sources. If you want to know what collective nouns are used for a group of camels, read on!

Collective Nouns for Camels


  • (Meaning) Camels can travel up to 800 kilometers to find food and shelter in the winter. Traveling camels are called a caravan and there are up to 800 camels in one caravan.

  • Example 1: I only see a caravan of camels on television, not in real life.

  • Example 2: Will we be able to witness a caravan of camels when we visit the Sahara?


  • (Meaning) The word “flock” means a large group of people or animals. Since camels are often seen together in a large group, one common collective noun to use for them is “flock.”

  • Example 1: If you spot a flock of camels, call me immediately!

  • Example 2: A local man told me that a flock of camels are heading this way and we can view them from our hotel window.


  • (Meaning) In desert areas, camels are domesticated to help people travel or carry produce across the desert. Some people keep several camels, which is why some people call a group of camels a herd.

  • Example 1: We could see a herd of camels later today that is owned by the locals.

  • Example 2: There is a herd of camels at the zoo. They were brought in last week.


  • (Meaning) Camels ‌seek revenge for people they dislike. They are ‌ dangerous if not tamed properly because they are tall and muscular animals, just like horses. Therefore, a group of wild camels is called scorn.

  • Example 1: Be careful when a scorn of camels come near you. They might attack!

  • Example 2: Can you really tame a scorn of camels or are they dangerous?


  • (Meaning) Camels are one of the most used animals to help transport people or things from one place to another in desert areas. When they travel, they form a single line. Therefore, “train” is used as a collective noun for traveling camels.

  • Example 1: Look! There’s a train of camels with people riding on their backs!

  • Example 2: It must be fun to witness a train of camels!

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