101 Aurorus Nicknames: Bring the Bling

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Aurorus is one of the most majestic and chilliest Rock/Ice-type Pokémon around. This darling dinosaur really lives up to its name as the Tundra Pokémon! To celebrate Aurorus and its ice-age aura, here are 101 funny, catchy, and witty nicknames for this fan-favorite fabulous frozen fossil:


Aurorus is so regal, it’s Aurorus-licious! This majestic Pokémon is a real treat.


Aurorus is such an Aurorus-light! Its frosty ways bring so much joy.


Aurorus is simply Aurorus-riffic! With its chill, it’s too terrific for words.


Aurorus is Aurorus-mazing! Its awesome aura is absolutely amazing.


Aurorus is totally Aurorus-tastic! This frosty Pokémon is truly fantastic.


Aurorus is a real Aurorus-rama! The way it exhales ice is quite the drama.


Aurorus is a true Aurorus-inator! It dominates all things ice like a gladiator.


Aurorus is a fierce Aurorus-stroyer! With its icy skills, it’s a true pioneer.

Frostasaur Queen

Aurorus reigns as the Frostasaur Queen! An ice-age monarch of supreme and regal mien.


Aurorus glows bright like the northern Aurora! This frosty legend’s beauty is ageless like days of yore.


Aurorus is the gracious Abominable snowmon! Though chill, this regal Pokémon is formidable yet awesome.

Ice Age

Aurorus hails from the Ice Age! This ancient Pokémon is the chill sage.

Woolly Mammoth

With tusks and thick fur, Aurorus is a Woolly Mammoth! This ice-age titan left many an enemy mammoth.


Just one breath gives nasty Frostbite! Aurorus’ chill is an icy fright.


Channeling crystalline power, Aurorus becomes Cryogonal! Freezing all with frigid elemental energy hexadecimal.

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