100 Banana Puns that Will Make You Go Bananas for Laughs

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Welcome to the ultimate bunch of hilarity—100 Banana Puns that Will Make You Go Bananas for Laughs! Whether you’re looking for a quick chuckle or need to sweeten up your day, you’ve landed in the right place. Bananas have long been a staple in comedy, from their iconic slapstick appeal to their bright, cheerful color that just screams ‘funny’. So, it’s no surprise that banana puns are a-peeling to people of all ages.

In this blog, we’re going to split your sides with the most hilarious banana puns you’ve ever heard. These puns are carefully selected for maximum giggles and are ripe with comedy. We’ll take you on a whimsical journey through wordplay that’s both clever and bursting with potassium-rich humor. From puns that will make you think twice to those that will have you peeling over with laughter, we’ve got them all.

So, buckle up for a wild ride through the grove as we peel back the humor and reveal puns that are top bananas. Whether you’re looking to add some zest to your writing, crafting the perfect caption for social media, or simply want to entertain your friends and family, these banana puns are sure to do the trick. Get ready to unleash the comedy fruit because this blog is the banana equivalent of a stand-up comedy show!

  1. I find banana jokes a-peeling.
  2. Never trust a banana. They might split on you.
  3. When bananas get sunburned, they peel.
  4. A banana’s favorite gymnastic move is the banana split.
  5. I told a banana a secret, it promised not to slip up.
  6. When bananas want to escape, they use the peel-away method.
  7. Bananas don’t ever feel lonely because they hang out in bunches.
  8. If you’re ever sad, just think of a group of bananas. They have appeal.
  9. A banana’s favorite day of the week is Sundae.
  10. When a banana wants to win a race, it never hurdles – it peels out.
  11. When two bananas saw each other after a long time, one said, “Long time no peel!”
  12. A banana’s favorite place to go swimming is in the cereal bowl.
  13. Bananas are the ultimate mood boosters – they’re always yellow.
  14. A banana’s life philosophy: “Peel back and relax.”
  15. Why did the banana go out with the prune? Because it couldn’t find a date.
  16. When a banana writes a letter, it signs off with “Yellow yours.”
  17. Bananas are the perfect fruit for comedians – they’re always up for a pun.
  18. A banana’s favorite song is “Peel it” by The Beatles.
  19. When a banana gets a great idea, it lights up and says, “I’m going bananas!”
  20. Bananas are the most giving fruit; they always split what they have.
  21. A banana’s favorite dance move is the peel and twirl.
  22. Bananas don’t use sunscreen – they like to tan their peels.
  23. Why did the banana visit the doctor? It wasn’t peeling very well.
  24. A banana’s favorite sport? Peel-o polo.
  25. Bananas always stick together because they have great bunch loyalty.
  26. A banana’s favorite shoes are slippers.
  27. When bananas go to a bar, they order banana daiquiris – no peel-ice.
  28. A banana’s favorite book is “Peels of Laughter.”
  29. Why don’t bananas ever feel lonely? Because they come in bunches.
  30. Bananas never lie because they can’t stand the guilt of being caught yellow-handed.
  31. A banana’s favorite hairstyle is the top banana bun.
  32. Bananas don’t get anxious, they just have occasional bunches of nerves.
  33. Why did the banana go to the party? It was peeling good.
  34. Bananas are always modest; they always dress in pajamas.
  35. A banana’s favorite martial art is Banana-jitsu.
  36. When bananas break up, they say, “We’re better off peeled apart.”
  37. Bananas are the most social fruit; they always peel out to meet new people.
  38. A banana’s favorite school subject is history – especially the Banana Republics.
  39. Why did the banana go to the bank? To check its bunch balance.
  40. Bananas don’t get picked for sports; they always end up as the last peel.
  41. A banana’s favorite Beatles song is “Let It Peel.”
  42. When a banana gets injured, it uses a plantain-aid.
  43. Bananas don’t get married because they’re afraid of the engagement ring slipping off.
  44. A banana’s favorite horror movie is “The Peel Witch Project.”
  45. When a banana gets a promotion, it becomes the top banana.
  46. Bananas don’t need GPS; they always follow the yellow peel road.
  47. A banana’s life motto: “Make like a banana and split.”
  48. Bananas never get lost at sea; they always find the Gulf of Bananama.
  49. A banana’s favorite playground equipment is the monkey bars, for obvious reasons.
  50. Why did the banana go to art class? To draw a self-peel-trait.
  51. Bananas don’t get into fights; they find them un-peel-easant.
  52. A banana’s favorite type of poem is a haiku-peel.
  53. Bananas always do well in school because they have a peel for learning.
  54. When a banana gets a cold, it takes vitamin B6 for its immune-peel system.
  55. A banana’s favorite philosopher is Peel-o-sophy.
  56. Bananas don’t get scared; they face their peelings.
  57. When bananas go on vacation, they visit the Banana Islands.
  58. A banana’s favorite childhood game is Peel and Seek.
  59. Bananas are great at keeping secrets; they never let anything slip.
  60. A banana’s favorite mode of transportation is the banana boat.
  61. Why did the banana go to the gym? To get better peels.
  62. When a banana gets enlightened, it achieves pure peelelightenment.
  63. A banana’s favorite type of humor is slapstick, or should I say, slipstick.
  64. Bananas are always positive because they never look at the downside of the peel.
  65. When a banana travels, it always keeps a journal to record its peelgrimage.
  66. A banana’s favorite Shakespearean play is “The Merchant of Venice”; they love the merchant of bananas.
  67. Bananas are the best actors because they always peel back the layers of their characters.
  68. A banana’s favorite day of the week is Fry-day, especially when paired with ice cream.
  69. When a banana gets a new idea, they think it’s very a-peeling.
  70. Bananas always do well in poker; they’ve got that poker peel.
  71. A banana’s favorite type of exercise is peel-ates.
  72. Why did the banana go to the library? It wanted to check out “The Peelgrim’s Progress.”
  73. Bananas are always ready for a photo, they just say “peel!”
  74. A banana’s favorite magic spell is “Abraca-peel-bra!”
  75. Bananas don’t play the piano; they play the peelano.
  76. A banana’s favorite military rank is peelot.
  77. When bananas go to space, they become astro-nuts.
  78. A banana’s favorite piece of art is the “Mona Lisa,” because of her mysterious peel.
  79. Bananas always win at cards; they know when to hold ’em and when to peel ’em.
  80. A banana’s favorite movie genre is peel-noir.
  81. When a banana gets confused, it’s a case of mistaken peel-dentity.
  82. A banana’s favorite historical figure is Alexander the Grape, because he never conquered bananas.
  83. Bananas always leave a party without saying goodbye; they peel out.
  84. A banana’s favorite type of bread is sourdough; it has that tangy peel.
  85. Bananas never get invited to poker night; they can’t keep a straight peel.
  86. When bananas go on a date, it’s love at first peel.
  87. A banana’s favorite superhero is Banana-man, the caped fruit-sader.
  88. Bananas always win races because they know the fastest peel-throughs.
  89. A banana’s favorite flower is the daffo-peel.
  90. When a banana finishes a meal, it says, “That was de-peel-icious!”
  91. A banana’s favorite type of coffee is an espresso with extra peel.
  92. Bananas never get lost in the crowd; they stand out with their bright peels.
  93. A banana’s favorite weather is a light drizzle, perfect for a peel walk.
  94. Bananas don’t like getting into debates; they avoid the peel-itical scene.
  95. When a banana goes to court, it pleads the fifth – doesn’t want to peel incriminated.
  96. A banana’s favorite type of music is peel and roll.
  97. Bananas are always calm because they take the time to unpeel their stress.
  98. A banana’s favorite type of math is a-peel-gebra.
  99. Bananas don’t get cold; they have their own built-in peel-over.
  100. A banana’s favorite part of a joke is the punch-peel.

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