4 Collective Nouns for Ants

Ants are tiny insects yet can do great damage to food or properties. Some species of ants bite as well, so it’s always better to be careful around these tiny creatures and to avoid them at all costs. We always see hundreds of ants in a group, so what is their collective noun? Find out below!

Collective Nouns for Ants


  • (Meaning) Ants always travel in groups, and in most ant colonies, there is one queen and hundreds of worker ants that find food and shelter for their queen. So, people call a group of ants an army of ants.

  • Example 1: My bedroom is infested with an army of ants!

  • Example 2: Make sure you cover the food on the table for I saw an army of ants yesterday.


  • (Meaning) Ants, just like other insects, live together and serve a queen. These ants build their homes where every member has their own place and role. Therefore, you can call a group of ants a colony of ants.

  • Example 1: Did you remove the colony of ants living in the backyard?

  • Example 2: Stop disturbing the colony of ants or they might bite you!


  • (Meaning) Ants that are found inside or around their home can be called a nest of ants, for they could be seen nesting or building their home. An ant’s home is where the queen lays its eggs to produce more workers and a future queen of the colony.

  • Example 1: Do not destroy the nest of ants you saw earlier for they are not aggressive ants.

  • Example 2: The exterminators forgot about the nest of ants out in the front yard.


  • (Meaning) When ants swarm, it is often a sign of mating season or when they are in the process of building their nest. Also, when there is a swarm of ants, they are fighting or at war with other ant colonies for food or shelter.

  • Example 1: That swarm of ants is aggressive, so be careful with it.

  • Example 2: I ran into a swarm of ants by the road and some of them bit me!

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