4 Collective Nouns for Bears

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Bears live in the wild and can be often seen alone. But, when they are in a group, what do we call them? If you are curious to know the collective noun of bears, you can find them and their meanings below.

Collective Nouns for Bears


  • (Meaning) Sleuth or sloth of bears describes the hibernation of bears wherein they sleep for months during the cold season. Also, bears are always searching for food, hence the sloth, which is also another word for a detective. Therefore, sleuth or sloth is used as a collective noun for bears.

  • Example 1: I almost had a heart attack seeing a sleuth of bears, but it seems they are hibernating.

  • Example 2: Just pray we don’t come face to face with a sloth of bears or we won’t see another day.


  • (Meaning) You can most likely find one bear at some point, but when you see a group of bears, they usually consist of a female bear (mother) and its offspring. Also, when it's mating season, you can also find a male bear in a group. Some people call a group of bears a ‘pack.’

  • Example 1: Watch out for the pack of bears living in the woods for its mating season now.

  • Example 2: I can’t say I have come across a pack of bears in my lifetime.


  • (Meaning) A litter of bears refers to a group of bear cubs that can be seen roaming around their home or in the woods playing or searching for food.

  • Example 1: The local zoo has a litter of bears and they’re so adorable!

  • Example 2: Be careful when you see a litter of bears, their mother could be nearby.


  • (Meaning) Bears are fierce animals that are bigger than humans. They attack using their sharp teeth and claws, which is why a group of bears is also called a maul of bears. 

  • Example 1: Be careful out there. A maul of bears was reported by a hiker yesterday!

  • Example 2: Are you not scared of a maul of bears? There might be a few around here.

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