3 Collective Nouns for Beavers

Beavers are semiaquatic rodents that have orange teeth and strong tails to help them swim even when there is a strong current. Beavers are magnificent creatures that often stay together and form a group, especially when they travel to find shelter. What is the collective noun for beavers? Let’s find out below!

Collective Nouns for Beavers


  • (Meaning) A group of beavers is also called a colony, for they compromise 8 or more members. There are the adult beavers who lead the colony from one place to another, and the baby beavers that are always protected by the adults.

  • Example 1: It’s my first time seeing a colony of beavers in their natural habitat.

  • Example 2: The sanctuary rescued a colony of beavers and we can volunteer to help take care of the rescues.


  • (Meaning) Beavers are monogamous creatures that live in a group of 8 or more. The group members are the parents and their children, which is why they are called “family.”

  • Example 1: There is a new documentary on television featuring a family of beavers.

  • Example 2: Are you ready to look for the family of beavers living around here?


  • (Meaning) Beavers build lodges for their families. You can see these lodges along rivers. Therefore, when you see a group of beavers near their lodges, the collective noun to use is “lodge.”

  • Example 1: There is a lodge of beavers peacefully swimming by the river bank.

  • Example 2: Are you excited to explore nature and find a lodge of beavers today?

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