4 Collective Nouns for Cakes

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Cake can be ‌a countable or uncountable noun because we always refer to an entire cake or a slice of cake. But, cakes also have collective nouns. If you want to know more about the collective nouns, you can learn them below!

Collective Nouns for Cakes


  • (Meaning) When cakes are made, they are made in batches so they can be processed and ready for selling. Making cakes in batches is also more efficient. Therefore, a group of cakes is called a batch of cakes.

  • Example 1: I need to make a batch of cakes to prepare for the orders I received yesterday.

  • Example 2: A batch of cake will take almost 6 hours to make.


  • (Meaning) Children are always excited to eat cake and in some places, it is tradition for the birthday celebrant to scoop out a handful of cake before anyone else. Therefore, “handful” is a humorous collective noun for cakes.

  • Example 1: I just want a handful of cake and then I’ll go to the gym.

  • Example 2: My brother can eat a handful of cake and still is hungry afterward.


  • (Meaning) When there are big parties or very fancy occasions, we don’t see only a single cake. Most of the time, we’ll see extravagant cakes that are layers upon layers. So, another collective noun you can use for cake is “layers.”

  • Example 1: It will be hard for you to get rid of the layers of cake you just had!

  • Example 2: I think that eating layers of cake won’t fill your belly enough to last until dinnertime.


  • (Meaning) Sometimes, when food is really delicious, we ‌stuff our mouths with the food. This can also happen with cakes, for there are decadent cakes. Another humorous collective noun for this is “mouthful.”

  • Example 1: This cake is so good that a mouthful of cakes won’t be enough!

  • Example 2: Stuffing yourself with a mouthful of cakes is not a pleasant sight to see!

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