4 Collective Nouns for Cards

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A card is a small, thick, and rectangular piece of paper used for entertainment and gambling. A full deck of cards has 52 pieces. There are other cards for other purposes as well, so let’s get to know about the collective nouns for cards.

Collective Nouns for Cards


  • (Meaning) The collective noun “deck” is used to call a group of playing cards. Playing cards are used for entertainment and gambling, but also for magic tricks. If one card is missing, then a game of cards wouldn’t be possible.

  • Example 1: Grab me the deck of cards in the drawer so we can play a little while we’re resting.

  • Example 2: Why is this deck of cards incomplete? Now we’ll need a new one.


  • (Meaning) The word “pack” is used as a collective noun for a set of cards because they are sold in a pack. Each pack is a set and if one card is lost, the whole set cannot be used.

  • Example 1: Can you buy a pack of cards for our game night?

  • Example 2: Let’s get a pack of cards for Dad because he enjoys a friendly game with his buddies.


  • (Meaning) The word “stack” is an organized pile of things that are placed in a corner or a specific location. Therefore, we call a set or a group of cards a stack because they are always neatly stacked and put away after using them.

  • Example 1: I hid a stack of cards under my bed because my mom doesn’t want me to play with them.

  • Example 2: Do you remember which bag the stack of cards is?


  • (Meaning) The word “set” is used for a group of things that are similar or alike and is used together just like a set of cards. A set of cards is always used at the same time and cannot be used when there are missing pieces.

  • Example 1: Bring the set of cards out on the porch for I will play solitaire.

  • Example 2: Make sure you get the best set of cards for your brother.

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