5 Collective Nouns for Dolphins

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Although dolphins live in water and look like fish, they are in fact mammals. They also swim together in a group and it is uncommon to find only a single dolphin in the open waters. So, what is a group of dolphins called? We listed a few collective nouns for dolphins below!

Collective Nouns for Dolphins


  • (Meaning) One of the signature moves of dolphins is leaping out of the water and diving back in. they do this gracefully as if to put on a show to those who are watching. A group of leaping dolphins is called a display.

  • Example 1: I saw a display of dolphins while we were hanging out by the beach!

  • Example 2: A display of dolphins is such a magnificent view!


  • (Meaning) Most animals that form a large group are called a herd. Dolphins are no different, for they live together with other dolphins and create a community. Therefore, a common collective noun for a group of dolphins is a herd.

  • Example 1: Did you see the herd of dolphins swimming beside our boat?

  • Example 2: I want to swim with a herd of dolphins!


  • (Meaning) The most common collective noun for dolphins is a pod. A pod of dolphins consists of numerous dolphins traveling and hunting together in the open sea.

  • Example 1: We saw a pod of dolphins when we went on a cruise last summer.

  • Example 2: It’s not that common for a pod of dolphins to swim this close to shore.


  • (Meaning) The collective noun “school” is a general term used to call a group of fish. Since dolphins are aquatic mammals, some use the term “school of dolphins” even though dolphins are not fish. 

  • Example 1: I witnessed a school of dolphins hunting for food when we went diving yesterday.

  • Example 2: Locals told us to wait for the school of dolphins that pass by this area every day during sunset.


  • (Meaning) Dolphins are smart creatures that know how to communicate with each other. When they hunt, they go in groups and gather their prey, and circle around them before feeding. Their teamwork is one of the best in the animal kingdom, so a group of dolphins hunting is called a team.

  • Example 1: I watched a documentary about how a team of dolphins hunts for food.

  • Example 2: We are going on an expedition to search for a team of dolphins that was spotted near the shore.

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