5 Collective Nouns for Ducks

Ducks are waterfowl and can live up to 20 years, especially if they are properly cared for. Ducks produce eggs that are made into food, and there are places where ducks are a staple food. But, what is the collective noun for a group of ducks called? We have the collective nouns for ducks below.

Collective Nouns for Ducks


  • (Meaning) When a group of ducks is roaming around, walking, or just staying dry on the round, they are called a badelynge. The word “badelynge” is an Arcaheic word from Persia.

  • Example 1: The badelynge of ducks by the shore is so adorable!

  • Example 2: Did you notice how funny the badelynge of ducks walks?


  • (Meaning) Ducks also fly from one place to another, especially when the cold season is near. Therefore, people made it simpler and called a group of flying ducks, a flight of ducks.

  • Example 1: A flight of ducks is such a wonderful sight to see!

  • Example 2: We were out sailing and a flight of ducks suddenly appeared.


  • (Meaning) Ducks have webbed feet and when they swim, their feet paddle from under them to keep them afloat. That is why a group of swimming ducks is called a paddling of ducks.

  • Example 1: I swam with a paddling of ducks yesterday!

  • Example 2: Look! There’s a paddling of ducks in the lake!


  • (Meaning) When it’s hot outside, ducks love to float on water. They also do this when they are preying on fish. Most of the time, they are idle and float on water for long periods, which is why a group of ducks floating in water is called a raft of ducks.

  • Example 1: Don’t bother the raft of ducks by the pond for they are resting after a long flight.

  • Example 2: I wanna see the raft of ducks my brother told me about.


  • (Meaning) When ducks walk, they seem to be walking unevenly and may be off-balanced from time to time. Therefore, a group of walking ducks is called a waddling of ducks due to the way they walk.

  • Example 1: The waddling of ducks we have is so funny!

  • Example 2: Do you want to follow the waddling of ducks and see where they are going?

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