4 Collective Nouns for Elephants

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Elephants are the largest mammals on land and they are sadly declining in number. Elephants travel together in a group to protect each other, especially their babies. So, what do we call a group of elephants? Let’s learn about their collective nouns below!

Collective Nouns for Elephants


  • (Meaning) When you see a group of elephants playing around or in some cases, fighting each other, we call this group a crash. Elephants crash into each other, especially when there is danger and they need to get away. 

  • Example 1: If you ever come face to face with a crash of elephants, run as fast as you can.

  • Example 2: It is dangerous to be in the same area as a crash of elephants.


  • (Meaning) The collective noun “herd” is used in most animal groups that are traveling or hunting together. Elephants are animals that always stay within a group, therefore we call them a herd of elephants.

  • Example 1: I took a picture of a herd of elephants we saw last week.

  • Example 2: I am so excited to go on this trip and see a herd of elephants living in their natural habitat.


  • (Meaning) Elephants have been living on this planet for a very long time. They are wise animals that have incredible family ties and they also have a great memory. Therefore, a common collective noun for elephants is “memory.”

  • Example 1: It would be amazing to see a memory of elephants one day.

  • Example 2: I wouldn’t be scared of a memory of elephants because I have been studying about them for quite some time.


  • (Meaning) Elephants are magnificent creatures that are always in a group. When they travel, each group is led by a female elephant followed by the other members of the community. This is why we call a group of elephants a parade.

  • Example 1: Watching a parade of elephants is just breathtaking.

  • Example 2: I watched a documentary yesterday and learned so much about the parade of elephants living in the wild.

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