2 Collective Nouns for Fish

There may be thousands of species of fish living in different bodies of water, and many more we haven’t discovered. But, what do we call a group of fish? If you want to know what their collective noun is, read what we gathered below!

Collective Nouns for Fish


  • (Meaning) The most common collective noun for fish is school. Both school and shoal evolved from the Dutch word “schole” which means “crowd” or “troop.” Most fish travel in groups, therefore they are a school/shoal of fish.

  • Example 1: We went diving yesterday and swam with a school of fish.

  • Example 2: Did you see a large shoal of fish passing by our boat yesterday?


  • (Meaning) A catch or haul of fish refers to a group of fish caught by fishers taken at one time only. 

  • Example 1: This catch of fish is larger than what we caught yesterday.

  • Example 2: We need a haul of fish to survive the upcoming winter.

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