5 Collective Nouns for Flowers

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Flowers are a beautiful addition to a home or space. They can be planted or put in a vase with water, and your space will have some character. If you want to know what the collective noun for flowers is, then read them and their meanings below.

Collective Nouns for Flowers


  • (Meaning) A bouquet of flowers is a group of flowers handpicked and arranged that is given to a special person and is a symbol of love and appreciation.

  • Example 1: When my boyfriend asked me out, he gave me a bouquet of flowers!

  • Example 2: Should we get a bouquet of flowers for mom on her birthday?


  • (Meaning) A garden of flowers is a group of flowers planted in an outdoor area. These plants are directly planted on soil and will not die after a few days.

  • Example 1: I dream of having a garden of flowers someday.

  • Example 2: I want to add a garden of flowers out in the backyard so I could get back to gardening again.


  • (Meaning) A garland of flowers is a group of flowers that are arranged in a circular pattern. Garlands are sometimes worn as a headpiece or hung for decoration.

  • Example 1: I want to wear a garland of flowers on my wedding day.

  • Example 2: Do you think that a garland of flowers goes well with the decor in this space?


  • (Meaning) A bed of flowers is a specific area in a garden for flowers to grow. These beds are directly on the ground.

  • Example 1: Let’s have a bed of flowers by the window so we can see them every morning.

  • Example 2: Preparing a bed of flowers is not a simple task, so follow the instructions to the dot.


  • (Meaning) A patch of flowers is a rectangular area in a garden full of flowers. Since some gardens have a variety of plants, the area where a group of flowers is planted is called a patch.

  • Example 1: Where do you want to place the patch of flowers?

  • Example 2: Did you see the patch of flowers in the front yard? I planted them myself!

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