5 Collective Nouns for Goats

Goats are domesticated animals that are kept as livestock. But, you can still find wild goats in some countries. Some species of goats are solitary, but most goats for livestock are kept in an enclosure with a bunch of other goats. If you want to know what a group of goats is called, you can read them below!

Collective Nouns for Goats


  • (Meaning) Goats are usually led to a pasture with plenty of grass to feed on, or driven away from areas that can be dangerous to them. Therefore, some people use “drove” as a collective noun for goats because “drove” means to lead or to be driven to another place.

  • Example 1: Let the drove of goats inside so they won’t get wet when the rain falls.

  • Example 2: You led the drove of goats too far from our house!


  • (Meaning) A flock is a crowd or a large number of animals or people. Goats thrive together and form a group, so the proper collective noun when you see a large number of goats together is “flock.”

  • Example 1: Where did the flock of goats come from?

  • Example 2: It was always my dream to have a house on a farm with a flock of goats and other livestock.


  • (Meaning) The noun “herd” is a common collective noun for animals that live together, whether they are wild or domesticated. Goats also live together and roam in fields in a group. Therefore, they are called a herd of goats.

  • Example 1: Let the herd of goats in the pasture inside their shelter for there is a storm coming.

  • Example 2: Can you gather the herd of goats in the field? They are too far.


  • (Meaning) Another collective noun to use for a group of goats is “tribe.” A tribe is a large group of people or animals that live together and form a community, so it’s perfect for a group of goats going about their day. 

  • Example 1: I got nervous when a tribe of goats suddenly crossed the street while I was driving.

  • Example 2: Do you think we can handle a tribe of goats? I want to have goats on the farm.


  • (Meaning) The collective noun “trip” that is used to call a group of goats came from the Middle Dutch word “trippen” which means “hop.” Goats are known to hop or skip while walking, so a group of hopping or skipping goats is called a “trip.”

  • Example 1: I saw a trip of goats on our neighbor’s lawn yesterday.

  • Example 2: The farm next to ours has a trip of goats.

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