3 Collective Nouns for Lions

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Lions are considered the rulers of the animal kingdom. It may be because that male lions have crowns of fur around their heads, or they are the strongest predators in the wild. So, what is the collective noun for lions? You can find out below.

Collective Nouns for Lions


  • (Meaning) A group of lions is called a pride because lions carry a sense of pride that makes them one of the most graceful and scariest animals in the wild. Lions are considered royals because they are on top of the food chain. Therefore, ‘pride’ best fits a group of them.

  • Example 1: Let’s go to the zoo and see the pride of lions that were rescued a while ago.

  • Example 2: Aren’t you scared that a pride of lions might suddenly attack you when you go on a safari?


  • (Meaning) Sault is an action of swooping or leaping down. Lions ‌rest on tree branches and have a graceful landing whenever they come down. Therefore, a group of lions coexisting with one another is also called a sault of lions.

  • Example 1: I was amazed by a large sault of lions when we went on a safari ride.

  • Example 2: I was nervous when we came upon a sault of lions but the safari guide said they won’t attack.


  • (Meaning) Some people also call a group of lions a troop of lions, for there is always one lion that leads the rest; whether they are hunting or travelling.

  • Example 1: Who wants to see a troop of lions  when we visit the zoo today?

  • Example 2: A troop of lions is scary enough, that’s why I don’t go on safari adventures.

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