4 Collective Nouns for Monkeys

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Monkeys are mammals that have a lot of resemblance to humans. Some monkeys are cute while other species are aggressive. But, we often see monkeys huddled together or in a group. So, what is their collective noun? Let’s learn about them below!

Collective Nouns for Monkeys


  • (Meaning) In most cases, monkeys move clumsily and they are deemed funny by watchers. A barrelful of monkeys is a term used for a group of monkeys that move about in a hilarious way.

  • Example 1: I was really entertained when we watched a barrelful of monkeys in the circus.

  • Example 2: There was a show on television featuring a barrelful of monkeys doing tricks.


  • (Meaning) Most people find it uncomfortable to use the collective noun “flock” for a group of monkeys. Therefore, they changed it and instead used “cartload” as their collective noun, since there is plenty of resemblance between humans and monkeys.

  • Example 1: Where did you rescue the cartload of monkeys we saw at the zoo?

  • Example 2: I think that taking care of a cartload of monkeys for a few days will be fine.


  • (Meaning) Like most mammals, monkeys coexist together and form small communities. So, a group of monkeys living together and forming a community in a specific area is called a tribe.

  • Example 1: The guide said there used to be a tribe of monkeys in this forest but ultimately went away.

  • Example 2: I’m glad they got to rescue the tribe of monkeys trapped in the wildfire.


  • (Meaning) Monkeys look a lot like humans and some of their actions mimic humans as well. Therefore, a common collective noun for a group of monkeys is troop, just like a group of people is called.

  • Example 1: A troop of monkeys was gathering food to bring to their offspring.

  • Example 2: I find it funny how a troop of monkeys moves together.

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