3 Collective Nouns for Oysters

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Oysters are bivalve mollusks that live in groups in the ocean. These mollusks sometimes attach themselves to hard surfaces to avoid getting caught up in the tides. If you wish to learn about the collective noun of oysters, you can read them below.

Collective Nouns for Oysters


  • (Meaning) Oysters and other shelled mollusks are always seen on or near the seafloor while clustered together. A bed of oysters is what most people call a group of oysters because they look like they are always lying down and sleeping.

  • Example 1: We went for a dive earlier and saw a bed of oysters near the rocks.

  • Example 2: Let’s go out to the sea and find a bed of oysters so we can bring them home to eat.


  • (Meaning) A group of young oysters is called a set of oysters since they live in groups and grow next to each other.

  • Example 1: We found a set of oysters at the docks.

  • Example 2: Should we dive and get a set of oysters to sell in the market tomorrow?


  • (Meaning) Oysters can breed and become a colony. When people see a huge amount of oysters in a group, they call it a reef of oysters.

  • Example 1: Check out the reef of oysters below!

  • Example 2: We need to clear out the reef of oysters because some fish can no longer breed.

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