5 Collective Nouns for Penguins

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Penguins are flightless birds that live in cold or icy places. You can find groups of penguins by the shore, hunting for food, or protecting each other from predators. So, what is a group of penguins called? We listed the collective nouns for penguins below!

Collective Nouns for Penguins


  • (Meaning) Penguins dive and swim in icy water to find food. They hunt in groups to ensure they are protected if ever there are predators nearby. When you see a group of penguins swimming, the collective noun you use for them is “raft.” 

  • Example 1: It would be breathtaking to see a raft of penguins in the wild someday.

  • Example 2: I watched a documentary about how a raft of penguins hunt for food yesterday.


  • (Meaning) Sometimes, a group of penguins consists of only a few penguins. If you see a small group of them, the proper collective noun to use is huddle.

  • Example 1: The huddle of penguins in the zoo is so adorable!

  • Example 2: Should we visit the zoo and check out the huddle of penguins?


  • (Meaning) A penguin’s posture is a funny thing, for they look bent and looking down on their feet while walking wobbly. Therefore, most people call a group of penguins a rookery because they look like a bunch of rookies that are new to a field of work.

  • Example 1: The way the rookery of penguins moves is so funny!

  • Example 2: I wish we could’ve pet and play with the rookery of penguins we saw earlier.


  • (Meaning) When penguins don’t swim to find food, they stand by the shore or pace back and forth. Since they are black and white, resembling a tuxedo, penguins look like a group of businessmen pacing back and forth on the shore. Therefore, people call a group of penguins a waddle.

  • Example 1: I could watch a waddle of penguins minding their own business for hours!

  • Example 2: Let’s go to the zoo this weekend and see if the waddle of penguins has been released or not.


  • (Meaning) Penguins are no different from other animals, for they live together and form a group. Sometimes, there are groups of penguins with leaders, which is why people call a group of penguins a colony.

  • Example 1: Did you get to see a colony of penguins on your trip?

  • Example 2: We were planning on going on an expedition to look for a colony of penguins and document them.

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