5 Collective Nouns for People

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People are the smartest inhabitants of Earth, and we have also become a massive population. So, it's unavoidable to have a cluster of people everywhere. But, what is a group of people called? We have the collective noun for it below!

Collective Nouns for People

A Crowd of People

  • (Meaning) A crowd is a big number of people gathered together in one place. The Old English meaning of crowd is to press or crush, which often happens when there is a large crowd of people. They are often pressing with one another just to fit in a tiny space.

  • Example 1: An immense crowd of people is protesting against the inflation of goods and services.

  • Example 2: We can move past the crowd of people and get to the location in about an hour.

A Horde of People

  • (Meaning) The word ‘horde’ is used when there is an excessive amount of people in a room or any space that is rowdy or noisy. 

  • Example 1: A horde of people is coming this way, so we better avoid them if we want to arrive at our destination on time.

  • Example 2: Let’s go around this massive horde of people so we won’t get lost.

A Mob of People

  • (Meaning) A mob is a group of people that engage in lawless acts towards another person. Most mobs of people are looking for someone that did something wrong to one or more people in their group.

  • Example 1: Did you watch the news about the mob of people hunting down the criminal?

  • Example 2: Avoid getting caught up with a mob of people, for they can be violent.

A Roomful of People

  • (Meaning) A roomful of people pertains to a room or enclosed space that is packed with people, usually overcrowding the area. 

  • Example 1: Your newly published book is very popular, for there is a roomful of people waiting for your speech.

  • Example 2: I’m not a fan of being in a roomful of people.

A Bunch of People

  • (Meaning) A bunch of people refers to a group of people who are in the same room together and share the same qualities or hobbies. A bunch of people may also refer to a group that is doing something together.

  • Example 1: There are a bunch of people in your living room waiting for your announcement.

  • Example 2: I saw a bunch of people walking toward the forest in the middle of the night.

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