4 Collective Nouns for Places

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A place is a space designated for a certain activity or event. Everywhere we go, we consider them as places. But, what if there are groups of places and what can we call them? We listed some collective nouns for places below.

Collective Nouns for Places


  • (Meaning) The collective noun “alliance” is mostly used for a group of countries. These said countries are allies or are run by a single government, therefore, “alliance” is the proper word to use.

  • Example 1: The UK is an alliance of countries and they have the best government because they always get along with other countries as well.

  • Example 2: I bet an alliance of countries has the safest and happiest citizens.


  • (Meaning) The word “chain” is used when there is a group of islands that are next to each other or near one another. These islands may be surrounded by water but they all are close and seem to form a single line or chain. 

  • Example 1: I want to explore the chain of islands just a few miles from here.

  • Example 2: I saw a chain of islands that I haven’t seen before as the ship passed by them yesterday.


  • (Meaning) The word “confederation” is used when a group of states joins forces to become stronger. This could also be called a union because they act as one to provide the best quality of living for their residents.

  • Example 1: We are proud to say that we live in a confederation of states and we’ve had the best experience!

  • Example 2: Do you think that we could experience what its like to be in a confederation of states?


  • (Meaning) Network is used for a group of intertwining roads for vehicles going from one place to another. Usually, interconnected roads are the fastest way to go. Therefore, you can use “network” as a collective noun for these kinds of roads or highways.

  • Example 1: Make sure to call me when you get to the network of roads so I can guide you on where you should turn.

  • Example 2: I almost made the wrong turn when I got to a network of roads that I’m unfamiliar with.

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