5 Collective Nouns for Things

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Things are what we use on a daily basis, and there are millions of things today. Most things come together in a group or in pairs, so to identify them, we use collective nouns. Below, you’ll find the collective nouns for things that are most used.

Collective Nouns for Things


  • (Meaning) A pair is a set of two things that are used as one unit. Both sides of the pair are similar to each other and are connected in a particular way that helps a person use them properly.

  • Example 1: Grab me the pair of shoes by my bed so we can leave in a few minutes.

  • Example 2: Can I borrow a pair of scissors so I could finish my project today?


  • (Meaning) A list is a number of things or names that are written consecutively or one after the other. Ists are used to help a person remember certain items or names for a particular place or event. This is also used as an organizational tool to understand a certain topic better.

  • Example 1: I need the list of grocery items today before I head out.

  • Example 2: Where is the list of names of our team members? I remember placing it on my table but it's not there anymore.

A Stack

  • (Meaning) A stack is a pile of items placed on top of each other. Most of the time, a stack of things is well-organized and neatly placed in a corner or a specific area of a room.

  • Example 1: The stack of books in the corner can go for sale.

  • Example 2: You need to throw the stacks of pizza boxes in your room before pests come in.

A Batch

  • (Meaning) Batch refers to a number of goods that are manufactured together and sold together. Most of the time, a batch of items has specific serial numbers for consumers to know which of the items are made at the same time and day.

  • Example 1: The batch of milk we bought last week is about to go bad, so please drink them before they expire.

  • Example 2: I made a batch of cookies for your friends coming over later.

A Network

  • (Noun) A network is an organized placement of lines that are vertical or horizontal. These lines intersect at certain points. Therefore, a network is used as a collective noun for things like highways.

  • Example 1: We have a network of computers that is only used for tracking down hackers.

  • Example 2: I always get confused when I’m in this network of roads.

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