3 Collective Nouns for Trees

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They say trees are the canopy of the earth, giving us shade and protecting us from bad weather. So, what is a group of trees called? If you wish to learn about their collective nouns, you can find them below.

Collective Nouns for Trees


  • (Meaning) A grove is a small cluster of trees with no undergrowth. Most orchards are also considered groves since the ground is clear of plants other than the trees themselves.

  • Example 1: Let’s have a picnic in the grove so we’ll have enough shade.

  • Example 2: I want to visit an apple orchard on the weekend.


  • (Meaning) A forest is an ecosystem on its own, consisting of thousands of different kinds of trees and other plants. Therefore, a group of thousands of trees is called a forest.

  • Example 1: I’m not comfortable roaming around in a forest.

  • Example 2: There is a forest nearby and plenty of people go there and camp on weekends and holidays.

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