4 Collective Nouns for Wasps

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Wasps can be found all over the world, except in Antarctica. Wasps, just like other insects, live together in groups and build their own nests for protection. If you are curious about what collective nouns best fit a group of wasps, you can check out what we gathered below.

Collective Nouns for Wasps


  • (Meaning) Wasps are always in a group, but sometimes you can find them alone or in a group of fewer wasps. This group of wasps is called an aggregation. 

  • Example 1: An aggregation of wasps flew into my room!

  • Example 2: One wasp is scary, what more if there is an aggregation of wasps near me?


  • (Meaning) Just like other insects, wasps form a community and help each other build nests, find food, and protect their queen and offspring. That is why a large group of wasps found near or in their home is called a colony.

  • Example 1: I called the exterminator so they can remove the colony of wasps by my window.

  • Example 2: One of my biggest fears is to be attacked by a colony of wasps.


  • (Meaning) Wasps also build their hives so the entire community can stay protected even when the weather changes. You’ll often see wasps gathered near their nest, so most people use the collective noun “nest” when they see a group of wasps.

  • Example 1: There is a nest of wasps on the bench at the park.

  • Example 2: You should not poke or try to play with a nest of wasps.


  • (Meaning) Wasps are winged insects that travel together in a large group. Flying insects are called a swarm, so this noun is often used for a group of wasps.

  • Example 1: Watch out for the swarm of wasps! They might be aggressive.

  • Example 2: I had a bad dream about a swarm of wasps attacking me inside the house.

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