101 Dedenne Nicknames for the Electric Fairy

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Foodie, Animal Lover, Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Dedenne is one of the cutest and most charming little Electric/Fairy-type Pokémon around. This adorable antenna mouse really lives up to its name as the Antenna Pokémon! To celebrate Dedenne and its delightful nature, here are 101 funny, catchy, and witty nicknames for this fan-favorite fabulous fuzzy friend:


Dedenne is so cute, it’s Dedenne-licious! This charming Pokémon is a real treat.


Dedenne is such a Dedenne-light! Its sweet nature brings so much joy.


Dedenne is simply Dedenne-riffic! With its charm, it’s too terrific for words.


Dedenne is Dedenne-mazing! Its awesome cuteness is absolutely amazing.


Dedenne is totally Dedenne-tastic! This delightful Pokémon is truly fantastic.


Dedenne is a real Dedenne-rama! The way it nuzzles and plays is quite the drama.


Dedenne is a true Dedenne-inator! It dominates cuteness like a gladiator.


Dedenne is a fierce Dedenne-stroyer! With its sweetness, it’s a true pioneer.

Tiny Mouse

Dedenne’s the tiniest Tiny Mouse! Though small, this cutie has big heart for any house!


Dedenne loves to give Nuzzle! Rubbing its cheeks for some cuddly snuzzle.


Dedenne is super Sparky! Its cheerful spirit is never snarky.


Dedenne has the cutest Whiskers! These fuzzy feelers give the sweetest kisses!


Dedenne is one cuddly Snugglebug! Nuzzling up close for a cozy hug.

Shock Mouse

Don’t be fooled – Dedenne’s a shocking Shock Mouse! Tiny but fierce with electric voltage juice.


Dedenne is like Pika-Two! An electric Fairy mouse that’s true blue!


With long Antennae, Dedenne listens well! These wired whiskers hear every chime and bell.

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