100 Dental Puns to Make Your Patients Smile

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Welcome to the ultimate collection of dental puns guaranteed to have your patients grinning from ear to ear! Whether you’re a dentist looking to lighten the mood in the waiting room or a patient wanting to break the ice before your check-up, these 100 dental puns are the perfect way to add a dose of humor to your day. Dentistry isn’t all about drills and fillings; it’s also about creating smiles that last a lifetime—and what better way to start than with a good laugh?

From molar musings to floss-ophy, we’ve compiled a list that’s brimming with wit and cheeky charm. These puns are so good, they’re bound to extract a giggle or two from even the most nervous of patients. So, brace yourself for a toothsome treat as we dive into a world where humor is just a brush and floss away. Get ready to discover that laughter truly is the best medicine for any dental dilemma!

  1. I told my dentist a joke and he said it was plaque-ticklingly funny!
  2. Wisdom teeth are smart, but they can’t brace themselves for removal.
  3. Molars love jazz because they really get down to the root of the groove.
  4. My dentist’s favorite time is 2:30 (tooth hurty).
  5. I had a dream about losing a tooth and woke up with a byte missing from my smile.
  6. Dentists are great at poker; they always look for the tell-tale signs of a bluff.
  7. My dentist’s office is so cool, it’s a plaque to be.
  8. I’m reading a thriller about an evil dentist; it’s full of floss-ophy and suspense.
  9. My toothpaste is mint to be with my brush.
  10. I got my job at the dentist’s office for my filling personality.
  11. Dentists don’t like long stories; they prefer short and sweet, just like their appointments.
  12. I had a toothache that was music to my dentist’s ears.
  13. My dentist is a star; he always brushes up on his performance.
  14. I asked my dentist if I could get a gold tooth and now I have a 24-carrot smile.
  15. The dentist’s alibi was full of holes, just like cavities.
  16. My dentist is an artist; she sculpted my fillings into crown jewels.
  17. I went to the dentist without an appointment and got a brush-off.
  18. The tooth fairy is a molar investor in the enamel market.
  19. My dentist’s favorite movie is “The Molar Express.”
  20. I got braces and now my teeth are in a metal band.
  21. The dentist’s favorite dance move is the plaque slide.
  22. I told my dentist I wanted to whiten my teeth and now I have a blinding personality.
  23. The dentist’s favorite chair is the one with the most fillings.
  24. My dentist’s practice is booming – it’s a plaque buster!
  25. The toothbrush’s life is full of bristle and hustle.
  26. My canine tooth went to a party and said it was a real biter.
  27. The dentist opened a bar for teeth called The Enamel Inn.
  28. I asked my dentist for a joke and he said, “I can’t; I’m a bit drilled right now.”
  29. I told my dentist to be gentle; she said, “Don’t worry, I’ve got the magic touch, no need for a wand.”
  30. My dentist’s favorite band is The Plaque Eyed Peas.
  31. I asked my dentist why my teeth were grinding, and he said they were just trying to make a good impression.
  32. The tooth said to the chocolate, “We have a love-hate relationship; you’re so sweet until you bite back!”
  33. My dentist doesn’t like grey skies, but he loves silver fillings.
  34. When my dentist saw my x-rays, he said, “Wow, it’s like looking at tooth history!”
  35. My dentist told me my gums were receding, so I told them to come back because we miss them.
  36. The molar and the incisor had a race. It was a tooth and nail finish!
  37. My dentist said I needed a crown, and I was like, “Finally, my royal potential is recognized!”
  38. I asked my dentist for a raise, and she said, “Only if you promise to keep it clean!”
  39. My dentist loves telling me about plaque, but I told him to brush up on his other stories.
  40. The dentist’s favorite subject in school was history because he loves digging into the past.
  41. My dentist’s autobiography is titled “Filling in the Gaps.”
  42. The tooth’s favorite exercise is the jawmp rope.
  43. My dentist is a magician; he can turn every frown upside down with just a brush and a floss!
  44. The dentist’s favorite nursery rhyme is “Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth.”
  45. I told my dentist I started flossing; he said, “I can’t handle the tooth!”
  46. My dentist’s favorite hobby is carving – he’s a real extract-artist.
  47. The toothpaste said to the toothbrush, “You complete me.”
  48. My dentist always says, “Stay calm and carry on brushing.”
  49. The dentist’s favorite type of patient is a sweet tooth.
  50. I asked my dentist if I could skip flossing, and he said, “You’re walking a fine line!”
  51. My dentist’s favorite superhero is The Incredible Floss.
  52. The wisdom tooth thinks it’s smarter than the other teeth, but it still can’t escape the floss.
  53. The toothbrush went to a party and brushed up against all the other dental supplies.
  54. My dentist told me my teeth are like stars—they come out at night!
  55. The tooth said to the dentist, “Fill me in on the latest gossip.”
  56. My teeth told me they’re forming a union; they’re fighting for more enamel rights.
  57. The dentist’s favorite day of the week is Cuspiday (Tuesday).
  58. The dentist’s favorite superhero is Captain Crown.
  59. My dentist is a poet; she speaks in verses and fills in the verses.
  60. My dentist’s favorite game is Bridge, especially when it’s over troubled molars.
  61. The toothpaste said to the fluoride, “You make me feel invincible!”
  62. My dentist’s favorite book is “The Great Gumsby.”
  63. The toothbrush said to the toothpaste, “Without you, I’m bristling with anger.”
  64. My tooth said to the dentist, “Brace yourself, I’m not easy to handle.”
  65. The dentist’s favorite basketball move is the root canal dunk.
  66. My teeth have a band called “Gingiva’s Direction.”
  67. The dentist’s favorite vegetable is the floss sprout.
  68. The dentist’s favorite mythical creature is the Floss Ness Monster.
  69. My dentist’s advice for a happy life: “Keep calm and molar on.”
  70. The tooth’s favorite philosopher is Plaque-to.
  71. The dentist’s favorite type of weather is when it’s raining cats and plaque.
  72. My dentist’s favorite historical figure is George Washington’s false teeth.
  73. The tooth said to the candy, “You’re bittersweet to me.”
  74. The dentist’s favorite pastime is casting crowns.
  75. My dentist is also a DJ; he really knows how to brace the beat.
  76. The dentist’s favorite movie is “Jurassic Plaque.”
  77. The tooth’s favorite activity is to go on a plaquepacking trip.
  78. My dentist’s favorite song is “Every Breath You Take” by The Floss.
  79. The toothbrush’s favorite sport is flossball.
  80. The dentist’s favorite kind of music is heavy metal—thanks to all the braces.
  81. My teeth said they’re forming a band called “The Electric Brushes.”
  82. The toothbrush’s motto is “Seize the decay!”
  83. My dentist’s favorite type of pie is “molarberry.”
  84. The tooth said to the dentist, “I think I have fillings for you.”
  85. My dentist’s favorite workout is the plaque lift.
  86. The tooth’s favorite Shakespeare play is “Much A-Do About Molars.”
  87. The toothbrush told the toothpaste, “You’re the mint to my bristle.”
  88. The dentist’s favorite day at the beach involves sanding and polishing.
  89. My dentist’s favorite drink is “root beer canal.”
  90. The tooth’s favorite kind of math is subtraction—they’re always losing something.
  91. The toothpaste’s life motto is “Squeeze every moment.”
  92. The dentist’s favorite detective is Sherlock Combs, always looking for the root of the problem.
  93. The tooth’s favorite movie genre is “plaque and white.”
  94. The toothbrush’s favorite ride at the amusement park is the rollerbristle.
  95. My dentist’s favorite constellation is the Big Dipper, for all the cavities it holds.
  96. The dentist’s favorite fish is the plaque bass.
  97. The tooth’s favorite magician is David Flossfield.
  98. The toothpaste’s favorite artist is Vincent van Gogh, because he never brushed off his passion.
  99. The dentist’s favorite type of car is a Crown Victoria.
  100. The tooth’s favorite historical period is the Plaque Ages.


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