25 Funny Weird Words You Need to Know

Some words are just weird… but some weird words and also quite funny for one reason or another in addition to being bizarre in general.

Read on below and discover our picks for some of the best funny weird words you need to know!

Funny Weird Words (With Examples)

Here are 25 of the funniest weird words you’ll ever learn:

1. Fartlek

The first word on our list of funny weird words is fartlek. The word fartlek describes a type of activity that runners perform while changing from sprinting to jogging.

Example of the word fartlek in a proper sentence:

“The runner completed the first fartlek ok. by the third one, however, his over-worked muscles began to spasm.”

2. Sozzled

To say someone is sozzled, you are saying that they are drunk in a playful manner.

Example of the word sozzled in a proper sentence:

“Talk about being sozzled… I think it’s time we take your keys away from you, buddy.”

3. Bumfuzzle

Bumfuzzle is an old-fashioned word that refers to a mental state of confusion.

Example of the word bumfuzzle in a proper sentence:

“I have never heard such a bumfuzzle statement in all my days! I am SO confused.”

4. Lollygag

Another old-fashioned funny weird word is lollygag. Someone that lollygags is a person that is used to sitting around/taking their time in all things.

Example of the word lollygag in a proper sentence:

“No time to lollygag, soldier! There’s hamburger to make on that hill! Move! move! move!”

5. Erf

One of the strangest funny words on our list is erf. The word technically means “plot of land” but it has also found its way into American slang as a word for the sound you make when the air gets knocked out of you.

Example of the word erf in a proper sentence:

*takes soccer ball to the stomach* “Erf!”

6. Foppish

Someone described as foppish is a person that cares a little too much about their image. If you can’t leave the house without thinking about your clothes, and how you will look to others, you are foppish.

Example of the word foppish in a proper sentence:

“Have you ever seen a more foppish man? He always looks SO good! How does he do it?”

7. Schmooze

Someone who is a schmooze is someone who is constantly trying to impress people, in a friendly way. Alternatively, the word can be used to describe the act of trying to friendly impress someone as well.

Example of the word schmooze in a proper sentence:

“What a schmooze. My butt has never felt more kissed.”

8. Hullabaloo

The funny weird word hullabaloo refers to the loud commotion that a large group of excited (or angry) people makes. The sound of a protest is a good example of a hullabaloo.

Example of the word hullabaloo in a proper sentence:

“What kind of hullabaloo is going on down there, you two!? Why I oughta… back in my day we used to… what was I saying, Margret? Margret!?” 

9. Adorbs

The term adorbs is one of the funniest modern words to join the rank of hilarious words in the English language. It means “adorable.”

Example of the word adorbs in a proper sentence:

“She’s totes adorbs! What should we name her?”

10. Fuddy-Duddy

A fuddy-duddy is old-fashioned speak for an old-timer who is dead-set against modern trends and new-fangled ideas (like computers, the internet, and credit cards).

Example of the word fuddy-duddy in a proper sentence:

“What a fuddy-duddy! He doesn’t even carry a smartphone.”

11. Titter

The word titter can be used in place of “laugh” or even more specifically the word “giggle.” It’s an old-fashioned one, and funny sounding for sure!

Example of the word titter in a proper sentence:

“Don’t make me titter in your face! That’s simply absurd!”

12. Blubber

Another funny-sounding old-fashioned word is blubber. It stands for the thick layer of fat that is found inside of the stomach (on animals, or people).

Example of the word blubber in a proper sentence:


13. Popple

Popple is a funny word that describes the conditions of the sea before and after storms. In other words, it is a way to say “choppy sea water.”

Example of the word popple in a proper sentence:

“I don’t suggest taking the row boat out this night, son. The bay looks a popple.”

14. Gardyloo

The word Gardyloo is an old-fashioned and funny alternative to the phrase “warning cry.”

Example of the word gardyloo in a proper sentence:

“If it weren’t for old iron-shanks McClusterson giving us the Gardyloo, we’d have never stood a chance!”

15. Smicker

A smicker is a sort of look that someone gives to another person. It is another word for “ogle.”

Example of the word smicker in a proper sentence:

“Wipe the smicker off your face, Gerald. I’m sitting right here, you know?”

16. Dollop

A dollop is something akin to a spoonful, usually referring to food. For example, asking for a dollop of mashed potatoes is the same as asking for a bit less than a full serving spoon.

Example of the word dallop in a proper sentence:

“Just a dollop’ll do ya’! It is the world’s hottest hot sauce after all!”

17. Rubaboo

Rubaboo is a type of soup that is made from veggies, meat paste, and flour. It isn’t even made up, it really exists!

Example of the word rubaboo in a proper sentence:

“You should join us for dinner tonight, the wife is making her family’s special rubaboo soup recipe! You’ll love it.”

18. Lickety-Split

Another funny weird word that actually exists is lickety-split! It means the same as “asap” or “really quick.” When something happens lickety-split, it practically happens right meow.

Example of the word lickety-split in a proper sentence:

“When Donna works the morning shift, the restaurant’s drive-through spits out food lickety-split. When Jordan works the morning shift… the only thing happening lickety-split is mess after mess!”

19. Bupkis

One of the funniest weird words that exist, in our book, is none other than bupkis. It is a word that means “nothing.” 

Example of the word bupkis in a proper sentence:

“Keep messing around, Jack, and you’re gonna be left holding nothin’ but bupkis… so, nothin’!”

20. Cutesy-poo

Cutesy-poo is a funny word that means “super-cute” or “sickeningly cute.”

While this might sound like a pet’s name, it really is a word that means “sickeningly cute.”

Example of the word cutesy-poo in a proper sentence:

“That Masha… she sure is a cutesy-poo.”

21. Scalawag

Thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in the early 2000s, this funny weird word has become much more popularized. Scalawag means a no-good rascal.

You can probably imagine Jack Sparrow using this word to describe a member of his crew that was a rascal.

Example of the word scalawag in a proper sentence:

“… and then the bloody scalawag had the nerve to ask for more!”

22. Skedaddle

to skedaddle means to get out of dodge quick, fast, and in a hurry, with no questions asked. Greased lightning skedaddles when the thunder claps.

Example of the word skedaddle in a proper sentence:

“Skedaddle, Jack! Before I put you on blast.”

23. Bunghole

Bunglehole is a really funny and weird word that was widely popularized by the MTV show Beavis and Butthead in the 1990s. In actuality, it is the hole in a barrel/cask that liquid pours through.

Example of the word bunghole in a proper sentence:

“TP for my bunghole! Bungholio for my TP!”

24. Mollycoddle

To mollycoddle someone means to coddle and pamper them like a baby who needs their mommy and/or daddy.

Example of the word mollycoddle in a proper sentence:

“Look, bub, no one is going to mollycoddle you. This is Boot camp. Stiffen that upper lip up, little soldier!”

25. Ill-Willie

Giving someone the Ill-willie means that you are looking at them in a very unpleasant and perhaps even menacing way.

Example of the word ill-willie in a proper sentence:

“That chump over there in the corner of the club keeps giving me the ill-willie every time Sarah looks my way.”

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