Names Like Mabelle (Boy, Girl & More)

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Are you in search of a name that has the same charm as Mabelle? Whether you are expecting a baby boy or girl, we have included a comprehensive list of names worth considering. Join us as we explore different categories of names, including unisex, unique, long, and short names similar to Mabelle. We’ll also delve into the origin and meaning of Mabelle, and explore how it is translated in other languages.

Boy Names Like Mabelle

If you are looking for a name that has the same melodic sound as Mabelle for your little boy, then here are some perfect alternatives:

1. Micah: This is a biblical name that means “who is like God?”

2. Marvin: Meaning friend, this classic name has German origins.

3. Milo: This name has Italian roots and means “soldier” or “merciful.”

4. Maxwell: A Scottish origin name fitting for a strong boy, meaning “great stream.”

5. Maddox: This Welsh name means “son of Madoc” and is a great variation of Mabelle for a boy’s name.

Girl Names Like Mabelle

Here are some charming girl names that have the same vibe as Mabelle:

1. Mabel: Also of English origin and meaning “lovable,” this name is undoubtedly similar to Mabelle, making it an ideal name for your baby girl.

2. Melina: This name has Greek origins and means “honey.” Perfect for your sweet little girl.

3. Mirella: With Italian roots, this name means “admirable” or “wonderful.”

4. Marisol: This beautiful Spanish name means “sun and sea” and is an excellent alternative to Mabelle.

5. Maeve: This name has Irish roots, meaning “intoxicating,” and is unique just like Mabelle.

6. Marigold: This name is of English origin and means “golden flower.” It has a similar vintage charm to Mabelle and is a lovely option for a baby girl.

7. Matilda: This name has German roots and means “mighty in battle.” It has a strong and unique sound, just like Mabelle.

Unisex Names Like Mabelle

If you like gender-neutral names, here are some great options worth considering:

1. Marley: This name, with English roots, has the meaning of a joyful and carefree personality.

2. Mitchell: This name is of English origin and means “like God.” It works great as a unisex name, too.

3. Meridian: A name that has Latin origins, Meridian means “midday” or “south.”

4. Madigan: This Irish name means “little dog” and is a great unisex name.

5. Monroe: With Irish origin, meaning “mouth of the Roe,” this name has been more commonly used for boys, although it’s slowly trending as a gender-neutral name.

6. Morgan: This Welsh name means “sea-born” and is a popular unisex name. It has been used for both boys and girls for centuries.

Unique Names Like Mabelle

If you’re looking for a unique name for your baby boy or girl, then look no further than these names:

1. Macallister: This name has Scottish origin and means “son of Alasdair.”

2. Mirabeau: A French name meaning “to admire,” this name sounds like a royal title.

3. Matteo: This Italian name is a beautiful variation of Mathew and means “Gift of God.”

4. Miranda: This name has Latin roots, meaning “admirable” or “wonderful.”

5. Makai: With Hawaiian origin, meaning “towards the sea,” this exotic name is a great alternative to Mabelle.

6. Mireille: This French name means “to admire” or “to marvel at,” and has a beautiful, melodic sound.

Long Names Like Mabelle

Long names often have a royal sound to them and can be regal monikers for your little one. Here are some long names that have the same feel as Mabelle:

1. Maximillian: This German name means “greatest” and adds an air of sophistication to any child.

2. Magnolia: This name has English roots and is named after the flower that symbolizes perseverance, making it a perfect name for a strong little girl.

3. Malachai: This Hebrew name means “my messenger” and is a powerful name for a boy.

4. Magdalena: This name has Greek origins, meaning “from Magdala,” and has a sense of nostalgia to it.

5. Mathilda: With German roots, meaning “battle-mighty,” this name has a strong history.

6. Mariabella: This name is a combination of the names Maria and Isabella, and has Italian roots. It has a beautiful and elegant sound to it.

7. Montgomery: This name has French origins and means “man power.” It has a strong and masculine feel to it, making it a great name for a little boy.

Short Names Like Mabelle

Short names can also be very impactful. Here are some short names that convey the same vibe as Mabelle:

1. Max: A short name for Maximillian, this name means “greatest.” It’s easy to spell and remember.

2. Mae: This name is of French origin, meaning “bitter,” but with a sweet sound to it, it’s an excellent name for your baby girl.

3. Micah: A short yet strong name that works great for girls and boys. It means “who is like God?”

4. Milo: A popular short name of Italian origin, meaning “merciful.” It’s popular in modern baby naming.

5. Maeve: Short and sweet name of Irish origin, meaning “intoxicating.” It’s perfect for a baby girl.

Short names are not only impactful but also easy to remember and spell. They are perfect for parents who want a name that is simple yet meaningful. Short names are also great for children as they are easy to pronounce and write, making it easier for them to learn their name.

Another advantage of short names is that they are versatile and can be used for both boys and girls. This makes it easier for parents who want to keep the gender of their child a surprise until birth or for those who prefer gender-neutral names.

Mabelle in Other Languages

Mabelle, as a name, has English roots, but it’s also found in other languages with variations in spelling and pronunciation. Some of these languages include Italian, French, and Spanish. Here are some translations of Mabelle in other languages:

• Italian: Bellissima

• French: Bellebelle

• Spanish: Hermosa

In addition to these translations, Mabelle is also a popular name in Portuguese-speaking countries, where it is spelled “Mabel” and pronounced “mah-BEL”. It is derived from the Latin name “Amabilis”, which means “lovable” or “dear”. Mabelle/Mabel is also a common name in Scandinavian countries, where it is spelled “Mabel” or “Mabelle” and pronounced “MAH-bel”.

Where did the Name Mabelle Come From?

The name Mabelle originated in the middle ages and was a popular name in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It has English roots and derives from the Latin word “amabilis” meaning “lovable.” It’s a name that has a romantic and feminine appeal.

In conclusion, there are many beautiful names you can consider if you like Mabelle. Whether you are looking for a name for a baby boy, girl, or unisex, you now have a long list of options. You can choose a unique or a long name, a name with a similar sound, or a name that matches the origin of Mabelle. The choice is yours.

Interestingly, the name Mabelle was also popularized by the character Mabel Chiltern in Oscar Wilde’s play “An Ideal Husband.” The play was first performed in 1895 and was a huge success, leading to the name’s increased popularity in the early 20th century. Today, the name Mabelle is not as commonly used, but it still holds a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate its unique charm.

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