New York Slang Ah Ah Meaning (And How to Use it Correctly)

New York is like a world all its own. Within its countless streets and neighborhoods, you’ll hear words and phrases that you won’t hear anywhere else in the country.

It’s also a trendsetter. Many of the slang terms used all over the United States have origins in New York.

One phrase you may have heard of is “ah ah.” In this bite-sized article, we’ll tell you the meaning of ah ah in New York Slang. We’ll also give you examples of how to use it, so you know how to incorporate it in your own daily speech.

What Does Ah Ah Mean in New York Slang?

There are some sources that indicate the phrase “ah ah” actually originates from rapper Bobby Schmurda.

It can be used in two different ways. The first way is basically as an alternative to yada yada yada, or an expression similar to “so on, so forth” or “etc.” When you’re using it like this, you usually end a sentence or a list with it when the remaining words are too long to say.

The second way to use “ah ah” is as a way of acknowledging something. If someone were to greet you, or you saw someone you know, you might say it to acknowledge their presence.

Examples of How to Use Ah Ah

Remember, there are two completely different ways of using “ah ah.” You can use it as another way of saying “etc” or in acknowledgment of something.

Pretend your friend has just said hey to you. You could choose to respond with “ah ah” as acknowledgment of them.

Alternatively, if you were grocery shopping and describing your list to someone, you could say something like: “I need to get eggs, milk, bread, ah ah ah.” It indicates there’s more beyond what you listed, but that you didn’t want to spend time finishing the whole list.

Wrap Up

Slang is an ever-evolving secret language. Nowhere can you find a more vibrant, growing slang lexicon than in the state of New York – especially New York City.

If you’d like to learn more slang words, you can check out our ultimate guide to New York Slang words. We’ll add more to it continuously as we find out more, so you can keep checking back for additional words.

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