New York Slang Baba Meaning (And How to Use it Correctly)

Have you visited New York recently and heard someone say the word baba? Depending on who they were saying it to, there’s potentially a cause for concern.

There’s a ton of unique words in the state of New York. In this post, we’ll be explaining the meaning of the New York slang word baba, so you’ll know how to respond accordingly if you happen to hear it.

Going forward, then, you’ll understand how or even if you should use the word. Let’s take a look at it.

What Does Baba Mean in New York Slang?

Baba is not a positive word. It’s a name used to refer to a promiscuous woman, or someone who insincerely sleeps with multiple people.

As a result, it’s insulting to be called a baba. If someone calls you a baba, then, you’d be right to be offended. On the other hand, if you hear someone refer to someone else as a baba, you’ll know to proceed with caution when you interact with that other person.

If you’d like to see an explanation of the word, you can watch someone from New York discuss it and a number of other slang words in the below video.

Examples of How to Use Baba

Baba is a noun, and it’s an insulting word. Because it’s not a kind thing to call someone, this may not want to be something you use frequently, if you use it at all.

However, even if you never say it yourself, it’s useful to understand what it means. That way, when you hear someone else use it, you’ll know how to reply to them.

You may hear someone say it in a sentence like the following:

“She goes out with another guy every single night. She’s a baba – stay away from her.”

It’s also common to shorten sentences by cutting out articles like “a” or “the.” You may also hear something like:

“She baba, so I avoid her.”

Wrap Up

New York is chock full of slang words you won’t find anywhere else in the United States. Many of them are funny or positive, like ace.

But when you have a large number of things, some of them are bound to be negative. This is the case with slang words like baba. Use it inappropriately or frequently, and you run the risk of offending someone.

This is why it’s important to learn slang. It’s like a language within a language, and allows you to understand what a wide range of people are saying. If you’d like to see more New York slang, we’ve got a huge guide here.

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