New York Slang Bop Meaning (And How to Use It Correctly)

Nothing is quite as unifying as music. Some people say math is a universal language, but we think it could be music.

A popular song gets spread all over the country (possibly even the world), until everyone has heard the lyrics. When you first meet someone, a common question to ask is what kind of music they like.

You share playlists with your friends and family. Movies and tv shows are enhanced with dramatic scores and soundtracks.

That’s why there are so many slang words to describe music, including the word bop. We’ll tell you about the meaning of the New York slang word bop here. Then you’ll know what it means when you hear someone tell you your playlist is full of bops.

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What Does Bop mean in New York Slang?

Bop is kind of interesting, because it’s both a noun and a verb. The main way it’s used is as a description for a song that’s really good. A popular, catchy, or well-made song is a bop.

However, you can also say “bopping” when you’re listening to a song that makes you want to dance. If you’re feeling the beat of the song, you might feel like bopping to it.

Examples of How to Use Bop

Bop can be used to reference a good song, but it can also be used to describe the way a good song makes you feel.

If you hear a great song in a video or on the radio, you could say something like:

“This song is such a bop!”

On the other hand, if you’re listening to a song and you’re really vibing with it, you might say:

“I’m bopping to this song right now.”

Wrap Up

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that there are slang words that reference music. New York, which could be considered one of the most slang-rich areas in the country, has its own terminology for the songs locals like and dislike.

If you hear someone say that a song is a bop, though, you know it’s worth listening to. And if, like we said at the beginning of this post, someone tells you your playlist is full of bops, you can take that as a compliment on your musical taste.

New York is full of tons of other slang words. Want to learn more? You can browse our comprehensive guide to New York slang words and meanings.

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