New York Slang Buggin Meaning (And How to Use it Correctly)

If you talk to a local from New York for any length of time, you’d probably hear a word or two you’d never heard before. That’s because New York, as culturally diverse as it is, has developed a huge range of slang words in its own original dialect.

For instance, if you were to seem really upset about something, you might hear someone say that you’re buggin’. That can be pretty confusing for anyone who’s never heard the word.

This tiny post is dedicated to explaining the meaning of the New York slang word buggin and how to use it yourself.

What Does Buggin Mean in New York Slang?

We’ve all been around someone who completely lost their cool. It could be a friend overly upset that their favorite team lost, a family member literally crying over spilled milk, or maybe your dog barking at seemingly nothing.

All of those people and things could be described as buggin. Why?

Because it just means freaking out or behaving overly dramatically. You would not use it to describe someone who’s appropriately upset, such as someone crying after a breakup.

Buggin is reserved solely for those overreactions that are blown out of proportion.

Examples of How to Use Buggin’

Buggin is a verb, so it’s used to describe an action someone else is taking. In an everyday conversation, you might hear something like this:

Person 1: “Why is your mom yelling?”

Person 2: “She’s just buggin’ because my brother forgot to vacuum again.”

Here’s another example of how you might hear someone say buggin…

“My friend dropped her bagel with schmear, and now she’s buggin.”

Wrap Up

Now if you hear someone say you’re buggin, you’ll know that they think you’re being a bit over-dramatic. That might mean it’s time for you to step back and take a look at your own actions to see what made them say that about you.

Or, if you see someone else freaking out, you can let them know by telling them they’re the ones who are buggin. Either way, you’ll know how to use the word properly.

Want to learn more New York slang words? You can find our full list of them here. We add to this list frequently, so be sure to check back to find out the meanings of more slang.

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