New York Slang Words for Angry (And How to Use them Correctly)

If you’re looking for a new way to express when you’re angry, slang words are an excellent option. And nowhere can you find a more comprehensive slang presence than in the state of New York.

Because it’s such a culturally diverse state, a huge slang lexicon has developed over the course of decades. There are plenty of New York slang words to choose from when you’re upset.

Today, we’ll be looking at New York slang words for angry, as well as when to use them. Not only will we explain their meaning, but we’ll show you how to use them in a sentence.

Using Slang Properly

We like to remind readers that although words might have similar meanings, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can use them in the exact same situations across the board. Just like choosing the right color for a painting, you need to choose the exact right word to express your feelings.

Pay attention to our definitions and examples. This will help you determine when and how to use each word correctly.

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New York Slang Words for Angry (with Examples of How to Use Them)



  • (Noun): Negative feelings towards or a fight you have with someone. Similar to saying there is “bad blood” between people.
  • Example: “She has beef with her ex after he cheated on her.”

Note: This doesn’t mean angry per se, but you can use it to indicate you are angry with someone. You could not use it to indicate you are angry in general.



  • (Verb): To freak out, overreact.
  • Example: “He’s buggin because he dropped his bagel.”

Note: Like the former word, this doesn’t always mean “angry.” It’s closer to “upset,” but it can be used to indicate when someone is angrily freaking out.



  • (Noun): To be serious or grave about something.
  • Example: “He’s dead-ass pissed off right now. You might want to leave him alone.”

Note: This is another word that doesn’t mean “angry” exactly, but you can use it to show when you are legitimately upset about something.



  • (Verb): To become confrontational with someone or freak out. Similar to buggin.
  • Example: “I’m going to spaz out at my mom if she keeps nagging me about vacuuming.”



  • (Adjective): To be upset or angry.
  • Example: “He was tight last night after his team lost the game.”



  • (Verb): Freaking out, being overly dramatic. Similar to buggin or spaz.
  • Example: “She’s wildin because she thinks her friend betrayed her.”

Note: This doesn’t always need to mean angry, but you can use it to indicate a freakout from anger. Additionally, most don’t pronounce the ‘d’ in it, so it sounds more like “wilin.”

Wrap Up

These are just a few New York slang words you can use to show someone you mean when you’re angry. Similarly, you’ll know if someone else is tight when they use any of these words.

If you’re looking for even more New York slang words, be sure to check out our ultimate guide to New York slang.

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