Nouns That End with S (Top 10)

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Knowing every word ever invented can be impossible, but we can start learning about nouns that end with S. You can find the top 10 nouns that start with S and see if you can use them in a sentence.

Nouns That End with S (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) Bliss is a state of complete happiness and peacefulness.

  • Example: All my life I only dreamed of being in bliss, but now I am living it.



  • (Noun) A time of danger or difficulty that can’t be resolved right away.

  • Example: I can’t believe that the world is in crisis right now! I don’t know what’ll happen or how we’ll survive if this gets worse.



  • (Noun) Apparel that is worn in plenty of styles and forms that can be worn casually or to formal events.

  • Example: The dress you wore last year to the awards night is the bomb!



  • (Noun) A brittle and transparent solid that’s easy to break and is used for plenty of things like windows, glasses for drinking, and many more.

  • Example: I love how this whole wall is glass. The view of the ocean can be seen all throughout the living area.



  • (Noun) An idea or a topic that has only a few facts and is still in the process of research.

  • Example: What you are pointing out is only a hypothesis because there are not many facts if you search for it.



  • (Noun) A lass is a young woman. The word originated in Scotland and is now adopted globally.

  • Example: Did you meet the gorgeous lass yesterday? She was here looking for a place to stay long-term.



  • (Noun) A state of untidiness or trouble that is not easily fixed.

  • Example: You made quite a mess with your presentation yesterday, and I bet the president is not happy.



  • (Noun) A report about current news or situations that can be positive or negative.

  • Example: Everyone, please watch the news today, okay? They’ll be showing us what’s happening outside the country.



  • (Noun) A series is a number of thighs or events that come after the other and are of the same origin.

  • Example: The series of steps we need to take to reach our goal is easy, but please be mindful so we can be successful.



  • (Noun) A group of organisms that have characteristics that are alike to one another.

  • Example: Did you watch the news about the newest species of deepwater fish the scientists discovered?

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