Top 10 Other Words for Bad (Explained w Examples)

Do you want to know what other words you can use to say something is bad? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: Something really bad and of poor quality.

Example Sentence: He bought a new car, but it looks atrocious.


Meaning: Incredibly bad.

Example Sentence: That movie was awful!


Meaning: Of really bad quality.

Example Sentence: The car he bought looks so cheap!


Meaning: Really bad, dirty.

Example Sentence: Those are some crummy sneakers you have there.


Meaning: Incredibly bad, so much it causes dread.

Example Sentence: The movie we saw last night was dreadful.


Meaning: Something that sucks, very bad.

Example Sentence: He has a lousy car, so I will be driving.


Meaning: Of low quality.

Example Sentence: The sculpture he made looked poor so he had to make a new one.


Meaning: Bad, incomplete.

Example Sentence: Oh wow, that photo looks rough!


Meaning: So bad it causes sadness.

Example Sentence: When my plate arrived, the food looked sad.


Meaning: Something so bad it can’t be accepted.

Example Sentence: A service so bad is simply unacceptable.

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