Top 10 Other Words for Example (Explained w Examples)

So, do you want to know what other words you can use instead of the word example? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: A situation where something happened used as an example.

Example Sentence: Do you remember that case of mistaken identity we worked on four years ago?


Meaning: An example used to illustrate something.

Example Sentence: Let me give you an illustration that should help you remember.


Meaning: An example of something happening once.

Example Sentence: His father grabbed a female coworker by her butt, which was a serious instance of sexual abuse.


Meaning: An example that makes you learn something.

Example Sentence: James lost all his money gambling, which should be a lesson to you all.


Meaning: An example of something positive, or a physical example of something.

Example Sentence: We created a model of the hospital so you can see what it should look like.


Meaning: A thing, something material we can use as an example.

Example Sentence: This is the object Nino used to kill his wife.


Meaning: An amount of something, a fragment of something whole.

Example Sentence: This is the part we can use to fix the car’s engine.


Meaning: A particular way we do something, often repeated.

Example Sentence: Just follow this pattern and you will learn everything in no time!


Meaning: An event that is used as an example we should consider in all future similar events.

Example Sentence: his album was a precedent for debut albums that reached number 1 on Billboard.


Meaning: A mark that represents something else.

Example Sentence: This symbol is used to let everyone know where the bathrooms are.

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