Top 10 Other Words for Family (Explained w Examples)

Are you wondering what other words you can use instead of the word family? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: The members of a family from which someone is descended.

Example Sentence: My ancestors would be pissed if they saw what I was doing today.


Meaning: A group of people who live together.

Example Sentence: Me and my cousin are from the same clan!


Meaning: A different way of saying family, your people.

Example Sentence: My folks are simply the best!


Meaning: A large number of people.

Example Sentence: My parents, my sister, and I are an amazing group of people.


Meaning: A place where a family lives.

Example Sentence: I am a member of house Johnson.


Meaning: A house where family members live together.

Example Sentence: I live in a large household but it is so much fun.


Meaning: Family.

Example Sentence: Hopefully I have kin that will help me once I am older.


Meaning: Someone’s children.

Example Sentence: My offspring will take care of me if I ever get sick!


Meaning: Slang for members of a group, such as a family.

Example Sentence: My people always have my back.


Meaning: A social group from more traditional societies.

Example Sentence: I love hanging out with my tribe.

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