Top 10 Other Words for Honestly (Explained w Examples)

Are you wondering what other words you can use to say honestly? Look no further, we have the answers you need. Keep reading and you will find multiple examples and learn how to use them.


Meaning: Honest and straightforward.

Example Sentence: Yesterday, Johnny candidly told me why I got fired.


Meaning: Sincere, told with deep emotions.

Example Sentence: Marcia, I have to say that I deeply care about you, but we aren’t a good couple.


Meaning: Seriously, with honest conviction.

Example Sentence: Do you earnestly believe that?


Meaning: Honestly, sincerely.

Example Sentence: I am genuinely interested in how Julia will fit into our new company.


Meaning: Something that is expected, done in a natural manner.

Example Sentence: Naturally, I came as soon as I heard what happened.


Meaning: Done in a profound way.

Example Sentence: What we did last night was a profoundly enlightening experience.


Meaning: Sincerely, truthfully.

Example Sentence: I am really into this concept!


Meaning: Honestly, done in a truthful way.

Example Sentence: I sincerely believe we shouldn’t be together.


Meaning: In a truthful manner.

Example Sentence: Gina truly wants to make up with you.


Meaning: Sincerely, honestly.

Example Sentence: Truthfully, I’m not sure if we’re gonna make it.

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