15 Other Words for Weird (with Examples)

There are countless weird words in the human language, but what about other words for weird?

We’ve rounded up some of the weirdest alternative words for the word weird, read on below and explore these 15 options!

Other Words For Weird

The basic definition of the word weird is “something supernatural, inhuman, unnatural, or unearthly.”

In other words, it’s weird if it doesn’t fit into the natural pattern of things.

For example, a guy with three eyeballs is weird, as is a woman who always sings her end of conversation rather than simply talking.

A guy wearing a pink shirt isn’t weird, these days (like it would have been in the middle of the 20th century). But, a shirt that’s wearing a pink guy would definitely be weird to witness.

With the meaning of the word in mind, here are 15 other words for weird:

1. Strange

The word strange is one of the top alternatives for the word weird. It represents a person, place, or thing, that is unusual, surprising, or weird. 

Example sentence with the word strange:

“People sure are strange sometimes! I’ll never understand them!”

2. Eerie

Eerie is a classic alternative word for weird, having practically the same meaning; a person, place, or thing that is strange or frightening.

Example sentence with the word eerie:

“The northern lights sure are eerie, don’t you think? Like smoke-like spirits, disembodied and floating through the night sky.”

3. Unnatural

Something that is contrary to or opposite to the natural course of things is considered unnatural, making it a great alternative word for weird.

Example sentence with the word unnatural:

“The way Mrs. Raber never runs out of breath during her lectures is unnatural… it’s as if she has a third lung!”

4. Unreal

Unreal is another great word for weird. Something that is unreal is likely to seem strange and unnatural. That means if something is genuinely weird, chances are that it also seems unreal! 

Example sentence with the word unreal:

“The way that he just kept on going was unreal! Everyone around him was dropping like flies, but he just kept on going like an unstoppable machine!”

5. Uncanny

Something that is strange and mysterious, most likely in an unpleasant sort of way is considered uncanny. That makes uncanny and weird are two peas in a pod.

Example sentence with the word uncanny:

“The way the AI seemed to always know what he was thinking was uncanny. It gave him an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach.”

6. Mysterious

When something is considered mysterious, it is thought to be impossible or extremely difficult to explain, let alone understand. Most things people consider mysterious, they also find weird.

Example sentence with the word mysterious:

“She was completely mysterious to him. She always seemed to be at the right place, at the right time, looking absolutely perfect. He had no earthly idea how she managed.”

7. Abnormal

When a person, place, or thing is abnormal, it is deviating from what is considered natural or normal. That makes abnormal a suitable alternative for the word weird.

Example sentence with the word abnormal:

“The two brainboxes sticking out of the top of the man’s head seemed completely abnormal… but, hey, someone had to take one for the team! Yay! Go team science and technology!”

8. Unearthly

The word unearthly is a perfect alternative for weird. By definition, something that is weird is unearthly or supernatural.

Example sentence with the word unearthly:

“The beast reared its ugly head, and the young maiden cowered, trembling in her high-heeled slippers… she had never seen something so grim and unearthly in all of her days!”

9. Mystifying

A person, place, or thing that is mystifying is perplexing or bewildering, a definition that makes it very much related to the word weird. If something is mystifying, it’s more than likely weird as well.

Example sentence with the word mystifying:

“To experience the awesome presence of the thing was mystifying. There are no words to accurately describe it.”

10. Bizarre

The very definition of bizarre could be swapped out with the definition of the word weird, and not many would notice. Something that is considered bizarre is strange or unusual. 

Example sentence with the word bizarre:

“The speed at which the AI could render life-life faces that were indistinguishable from real humans was absolutely bizarre to the artist watching it work.”

11. Peculiar

When something is peculiar, it is different than what is considered typical, normal, or expected. When something is considered peculiar, it is often because something is weird about the thing.

Example sentence with the word peculiar:

“Her family thought that it was quite peculiar that she never came out of her room until nightfall. However, none of them would have believed the weird truth… she was actually a vampire! An undead creature!” 

12. Quirky

A quirky subject is one that has portray uncanny, peculiar, or strange habits, thoughts, deeds, traits, or aspects. Hence, it is an excellent alternative word for weird.

Example sentence with the word quirky:

13. Odd

One of the most classic alternatives for the word weird is the three-letter word; odd. When something is seen as odd, it is thought to be different than usual or at the very least unexpected.

Example sentence with the word odd:

“Wow! That sure was odd! The clocks turned from 1999 to 2000 without the end of the world occurring! Now I regret quitting my career, selling my house, and moving my entire family into an underground town in Montana!”

14. Eccentric

When a person, place, or thing is eccentric, it is thought of as slightly strange and unconventional. In other words, quite literally, if it is eccentric, it’s weird.

Example sentence with the word eccentric:

“That weird old man that lives alone in the house on the hill is so eccentric! I heard he eats his fingernails, toenails, and hair so that no one can use them to make a voodoo doll!”

15. Far-out

The word far-out signifies something that is “far out”, or departed, from what is thought to be as normal or ordinary. In other words, if something is absolutely weird, it must be far-out as well.

Example sentence with the word far-out:

“That Joey, his personality sure is far-out! Where does he get his style from? The future?”

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