5 Poems About Harriet Tubman That Will Leave You Speechless

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Looking for some inspiration on Harriet Tubman, the extraordinary woman who freed hundreds of slaves through the Underground Railroad? Look no further!

In this blog post, we’ve curated 5 original and unique poems about Harriet Tubman that capture the bravery, determination, and resilience of this iconic figure.

Get ready to be moved by these powerful verses that honor the life and legacy of one of America’s greatest heroes.

The Conductor’s Symphony

In the dark depths of a moonless night,
A force of courage ignites a spark of light,
A symphony of freedom she composes,
Harriet Tubman, a name history proposes.

A conductor on the Underground Railroad,
A warrior of liberty, her tale to be told,
Born into chains but refused to be confined,
A celestial path she sought to find.

In the cotton fields, her voice did rise,
With visions of the North Star in her eyes,
A conductor’s baton she wielded with might,
Guiding souls to freedom, beyond the oppressive night.

Chorus of whispers, clandestine and hushed,
Through the treacherous forests, they rushed,
A fugitive caravan, bound by a purpose,
Led by a woman of valor, their compass.

The stations of refuge, their havens of hope,
In the shadows of secrecy, they’d grope,
From Maryland to Pennsylvania they’d flee,
Their eyes fixed on emancipation’s decree.

Her name, whispered on the lips of the oppressed,
A beacon of hope, as the enslaved coalesced,
Her legacy, a symphony of courage and grace,
In the tapestry of history, Harriet’s threads interlace.

The baying hounds and the bounty hunters’ rage,
Failed to quell the fire that she’d engage,
Nineteen missions, her resolve never falters,
Guiding hundreds to freedom, breaking the shackles.

In the face of danger, her heart unwavering,
The conductor’s symphony, a melody of saving,
With each liberated soul, her baton would swell,
A crescendo of hope, a chorus of victory to tell.

The Civil War, a stage for her valor anew,
A scout and a nurse, her roles she’d pursue,
The Combahee River Raid, her strategic might,
Guiding hundreds more from bondage to the light.

As the curtains closed on the era of strife,
Harriet’s melody continued, her symphony of life,
A suffragist, an advocate, her voice remained true,
For the rights of her people, her passion she’d pursue.

In her twilight years, her spirit never dimmed,
A home for the aged, her final hymn,
A conductor’s legacy, forever to resound,
In the hearts of the free, her symphony found.

The Conductor’s Symphony, a tribute to her fight,
Harriet Tubman, a guardian of the light,
In the annals of time, her melody persists,
A testament to freedom, her story persists.

So let us sing the praises of this indomitable soul,
The conductor who led many to freedom’s goal,
Her name etched in history, her deeds never forgotten,
Harriet Tubman, the conductor, forever begotten.

The Courageous Voyage of Harriet

In the hours when darkness reigned, a savior walked the earth,
A force of quiet fortitude, a beacon of great worth.
Harriet Tubman, valiant soul, who set the captives free,
Embarked upon a journey fierce, to change the world’s decree.

Upon the soil of tyranny, she stood with unbowed head,
Her heart ablaze with purpose, and a path that lay ahead.
For every life enchained and bound, she vowed to set aflame,
The fire of emancipation, and reclaim their rightful name.

Through the treacherous terrain, she traveled night and day,
A fearless guide, a guardian, leading fugitives away.
With each life touched, she sewed a seed, of hope and liberty,
And watched it bloom with tender love, in the gardens of the free.

Harriet’s voyage, a testament, to the power of the heart,
A journey through the darkest realms, to tear injustice apart.
With every mile, her spirit soared, a phoenix born anew,
A symbol of the strength that lies, in those who dare pursue.

In the deepest hollows of despair, she found a well of light,
A beacon for the lost and bound, to navigate the night.
The North Star, steadfast in the sky, her compass and her guide,
She ventured forth, her soul alight, with every step, she’d glide.

The Underground Railroad she forged, a map of secret trails,
A network strong, a haven found, where freedom’s call prevails.
In the heart of every traveler, her courage did reside,
The fearless leader, Harriet, forever by their side.

From the depths of degradation, she would raise the fallen high,
Her legacy of liberation, a story that won’t die.
The tales of her resilience, will echo through the years,
A monument to bravery, and a triumph over fears.

With every life she set aflame, a spark of hope was born,
A ripple in the tapestry, of a world that she’d transform.
In the annals of our history, her name forever etched,
The courageous voyage of Harriet, a saga unrepressed.

For the lives she touched, she left a mark, a trail of golden light,
A testament to freedom’s song, and the power of her fight.
With open hearts, let us honor her, and carry forth her flame,
To light the path for generations, and keep alive her name.

In the courageous voyage of Harriet, we find our strength anew,
A story of undying love, and the hope that she imbued.
So let us raise our voices high, in tribute to her name,
And celebrate the woman who, forever changed the game.

Harriet’s Guiding Star

In a world of shadows deep, where chains of anguish bind,
A fearless soul emerged, with freedom on her mind.
Harriet Tubman, beacon bright, amidst the darkest hour,
With love and strength combined, she fought against the power.

The southern lands of strife and pain, where voices were unheard,
She walked upon the broken paths, to bring hope’s whispered word.
In every heart that longed for light, she lit a fervent flame,
A trail of dreams, a path to take, where liberty would reign.

Through tangled woods and hidden trails, she ventured far and wide,
Her eyes alight with purpose, and the North Star as her guide.
A secret path, a journey bold, the Underground Railroad,
She led the weary souls to freedom’s land, where life could be retold.

In the silence of the night, she heard the rustling leaves,
The whispers of the wind, a symphony of dreams.
Each note a tale of bravery, a story of the free,
Harriet’s guiding star, a beacon in the sea.

The bonds of tyranny she broke, with every step she took,
The lives she touched, forever changed, by the love she undertook.
A daring soul, a valiant heart, she challenged fate’s decree,
For every life she led to light, a new world came to be.

Her legacy, a tapestry, of courage, hope, and strength,
A testament to the power of love, to traverse any length.
In the annals of our history, her name forever shines,
Harriet’s guiding star, a beacon for all times.

In the darkest depths of night, when shadows seek to claim,
The spirit of our Harriet, emerges like a flame.
Her story, an eternal call, to fight for truth and love,
To rise above the chains that bind, and soar like free-winged doves.

With every life she ushered forth, to freedom’s open door,
A ripple spread across the land, a wave to reach the shore.
In the hearts of those she saved, her memory lives on,
A symbol of undying hope, a light that never dawns.

Let us honor her, the guiding star, who led us through the night,
Whose courage and unwavering faith, forever shines so bright.
In the footsteps of our Harriet, let us strive to be,
The ones who dare to dream and fight, for a world that’s truly free.

Harriet’s Celestial Odyssey

Beneath the cloak of indigo, a fearless spirit roamed,
Her mission etched upon her heart, a destiny intoned.
Harriet Tubman, warrior bright, who dared to brave the night,
To guide her kin to sacred shores, where freedom’s fire alight.

The heavens blessed her journey, with celestial embrace,
The North Star, ever steadfast, as she ventured through the space.
A map of constellations, traced across the boundless sky,
The cosmic path to liberty, where dreams would never die.

In the stillness of the shadows, she traversed the secret trails,
Her footsteps light, her heart ablaze, as freedom’s wind prevailed.
Each life she touched, a testament, to the power of her love,
A force that shattered darkness, and ascended far above.

The Underground Railroad she helmed, a vessel of hope and faith,
A cosmic odyssey, through the darkest realms, it would navigate.
Each soul that sought her guidance, found a sanctuary true,
In the presence of the mighty Harriet, their spirits would renew.

Her celestial journey, a beacon for the lives she saved,
A tale of courage, sacrifice, and the battles she had braved.
In the pantheon of heroes, her name forever etched,
A constellation of her own, where hope and love coalesce.

The planets and the galaxies, bore witness to her might,
A cosmic dance, of stardust and dreams, woven in the night.
For every heart she liberated, a star was born anew,
A tribute to the indomitable spirit, that within her grew.

Harriet’s celestial odyssey, an everlasting tale,
A journey through the universe, where love and hope prevail.
Her legacy, immortalized, within the cosmic sphere,
A beacon for the weary souls, who seek to persevere.

As we gaze upon the night sky, and behold the stars that gleam,
Let us remember Harriet’s tale, and the power of her dream.
A cosmic voyage of courage, a testament of faith,
The celestial odyssey of Harriet, forever will resonate.

In the hearts of those she touched, her love forever shines,
A guiding star, a gentle force, in the darkest of times.
So let us lift our voices high, in tribute to her grace,
And honor the celestial odyssey, that forever changed our race.

The Unfaltering Whisper of Freedom

In shadows deep, where silence wept, a fearless spirit rose,
A champion of liberty, who fought against the throes.
Harriet Tubman, kindred soul, a beacon in the night,
With quiet strength and iron will, she led the seekers’ plight.

The chains that bound, the hearts that ached, in her, they found reprieve,
A tender touch, a steadfast hand, for those who dared believe.
Her path was one of bravery, through darkness and through pain,
A journey to the promised land, where freedom would sustain.

The star that lit the northern sky, a guiding force it stood,
In Harriet’s heart, its gentle light, to lead the way for good.
Through tangled woods and murky swamps, her faith, it did not waver,
The unfaltering whisper of freedom, a melody she’d savor.

A sanctuary, she would build, beneath the earth’s embrace,
The Underground Railroad, it came to life, in the shadows of her grace.
A secret passage, hidden paths, where weary souls would find,
The promise of a brighter dawn, and a life that’s unconfined.

In the echoes of her footsteps, a legacy endures,
A testament to perseverance, and a love that reassures.
The lives she touched, forever changed, by the courage she displayed,
A flame ignited in their hearts, that would never fade away.

Harriet’s voice, a subtle hymn, that called to those in need,
A song of hope and sanctuary, for the souls she would set free.
Her spirit, like an ember, glowing in the dark,
A spark of liberation, that would ignite a mighty arc.

The battles fought, the lives reclaimed, her legend lives and breathes,
In every heart that finds its strength, in the tales of her feats.
The unfaltering whisper of freedom, a symphony of change,
A chorus of undying love, that time cannot estrange.

In the annals of our history, her name shall never fade,
The valiant Harriet Tubman, a heroine displayed.
Her fearless journey through the night, a testament to her might,
A story of unwavering love, and a dream that took flight.

So let us sing her praises high, and honor her today,
For the unfaltering whisper of freedom, that led her on her way.
In gratitude, we stand as one, to celebrate her strife,
And pledge to carry forth her torch, and honor her through life.


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