5 Poems About Sharing for Kids: Teach Your Little Ones the Joy of Generosity!

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Foodie, Animal Lover, Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Looking for a fun and creative way to teach your kids about sharing? Look no further! In this post, we’ve curated 5 original and unique poems about sharing for kids that are sure to delight and inspire. From the playground to the classroom, these poems are perfect for helping little ones learn the importance of generosity and cooperation. So without further ado, let’s dive into our collection of 5 poems about sharing for kids!

The Splendid Sharing Tree

In a cozy little forest, not too far from town,
A magical tree stood, wearing a leafy crown.
Its trunk so sturdy, its branches spread wide,
It was known as the Sharing Tree, its fame far and wide.

The animals gathered ’round from morning till night,
To share and to care, in the warm sunlight.
They’d dance and they’d sing, tails wagging with glee,
For they knew the power of sharing, under that tree.

One day, a young squirrel named Sammy, so small,
Climbed up the tree, holding on tight, not to fall.
He’d heard about sharing from his grandpa in bed,
And wanted to see how it worked, so he said:

“Dear Mr. Tree, I don’t know what to do,
I’ve heard about sharing, but don’t have a clue.
Could you show me the way? Please, help me learn,
To share and to care, so my heart may burn.”

The Sharing Tree smiled and gave a small shake,
Its leaves rustling softly, for young Sammy’s sake.
A golden nut fell into Sammy’s paw, so round,
A more beautiful treasure could not be found.

The tree then whispered, “Now Sammy, my dear,
Take this golden nut and give it to a peer.
Watch as your kindness spreads far and wide,
And remember that sharing is love multiplied.”

Sammy nodded, his tiny heart full of cheer,
As he scampered away, without any fear.
He found his friend Benny, a bunny so sweet,
And offered the nut, a special treat.

Benny’s eyes sparkled, and he gave a big hug,
He hopped and he jumped, feeling snug as a bug.
He said, “Sammy, your kindness is like sunshine and rain,
I’ll share with another, to keep the love chain.”

So Benny the bunny found Lucy the bear,
And gifted her berries, so ripe and so rare.
Lucy, in turn, shared her honey with glee,
With Fiona the fox, who shared with a bee.

The bee buzzed away, spreading pollen and cheer,
To all the flowers, far and near.
And as the petals opened wide,
The forest bloomed in colors, side by side.

The magic of sharing had cast its spell,
From the tallest of trees to the tiniest shell.
For when one shared, a ripple it made,
A chain of love that would never fade.

As the sun dipped low, and the stars shone bright,
Sammy stood by the Sharing Tree, in the soft moonlight.
He gazed at the forest, bathed in love’s glow,
And knew that he’d helped the magic to grow.

“Thank you, Mr. Tree, for showing me the way,
To share and to care, every single day.
I’ll spread your message, wherever I go,
And teach all my friends, so our love may grow.”

And so the animals gathered, hearts intertwined,
Under the Splendid Sharing Tree, love and laughter combined.
For in that small forest, not too far from town,
The magic of sharing lived on, and would never drown.

The Grand Adventure of Share-a-Lot Isle

In a land far away, where dreams can come true,
A wondrous place called Share-a-Lot Isle, waits for you.
With shores of soft sand, and skies painted blue,
It’s a place where sharing makes wishes anew.

The children who live there, so happy and free,
Understand that the power of sharing is key.
They’d laugh and they’d play, on this magical shore,
Spreading kindness and joy, and so much more.

One sunny day, young Susie and Ben,
Went off on an adventure, to find a secret den.
They packed up their bags, with treasures to share,
And skipped hand in hand, without any care.

First, they met Tommy, who was building a fort,
With sticks and some leaves, he’d managed to sort.
Susie and Ben shared their rope and their care,
Together they built it, a fortress so rare.

Next, they found Lily, who was painting a scene,
Of the sun and the ocean, so vivid and serene.
Ben shared his brushes, and Susie her paint,
And together they drew, like artistic saints.

As they continued their journey, they stumbled upon,
A family of ducklings, in a pond swimming on.
They shared bits of bread, and the ducklings did quack,
In gratitude and joy, a melodious claque.

At the heart of the island, they finally found,
A cave so mysterious, hidden underground.
They crept in with caution, as their eyes did adjust,
To the dim, flickering light, and the lingering dust.

Inside the cave, a creature so rare,
A magical dragon, with sapphire scales and a stare.
“Welcome, dear children, to my secret abode,
I’ve been waiting for you, on this long, winding road.”

The dragon continued, his voice deep and warm,
“I’ve watched as you shared, in each little form.
Your kindness and love, have reached my heart,
And now it’s my turn to share, and do my part.”

The dragon then shared his most precious gift,
A sparkling gemstone, that could float and uplift.
“This gem,” he said, “holds the power to share,
It will multiply kindness, and show that you care.”

Susie and Ben took the gem with great care,
And promised the dragon, they’d always be fair.
They’d spread love and joy, in every direction,
Making Share-a-Lot Isle, a place of pure connection.

With a flap of his wings, the dragon took flight,
Leaving behind him, a trail of starry light.
The children returned home, their hearts full of glee,
Knowing that sharing had set them all free.

In the land of Share-a-Lot Isle, where the sun always shines,
Children learn the value of sharing, in endless designs.
For when they come together, with love in their hearts,
The magic of sharing creates a world that never departs.

The Marvelous Sharing Fair

Once a year, in a town so quaint and small,
The children gathered for a festival, answering the call.
A vibrant occasion, full of laughter and cheer,
The Marvelous Sharing Fair, they’d all revere.

In this lively town, the children knew well,
That sharing and caring were a magical spell.
When they opened their hearts and shared what they had,
The world around them blossomed, oh, it was never sad.

The Sharing Fair arrived, and the children prepared,
Excited to share all the things that they cared.
They brought toys and books, clothes and some treats,
And set up their stalls, neat and complete.

Little Anna shared her favorite teddy bear,
With a girl named Lucy, who had nothing to wear.
Lucy’s eyes sparkled, as she hugged it so tight,
A new friend to hold through the cold, dark night.

Billy, the baker’s son, shared his sweet cake,
A treat made with love, that his mom used to make.
He offered it to Timmy, who had never tried,
A piece of cake so soft, it made his heart fly.

In return, Timmy shared his hand-carved flute,
Its melodies sweet and its tones so acute.
He played a small tune, as the children gathered ’round,
Their hearts full of joy, as they swayed to the sound.

Sophie shared her collection of colorful stones,
To a boy who was new, who felt all alone.
Together they marveled at each gem’s unique hue,
And found a new friendship, so strong and true.

The fair went on, and the sharing continued,
As each child gave, their love only grew.
For they knew that the magic of sharing was strong,
And when they shared, nothing could ever go wrong.

As the sun dipped low, and the fair came to an end,
The children looked around, at their new-found friends.
Their hearts were full, and their smiles so wide,
For the magic of sharing had filled them inside.

Hand in hand, they made a promise that day,
To keep sharing and caring, come what may.
For they knew that the magic of giving and love,
Would keep their town shining, like the stars above.

In the town where the Marvelous Sharing Fair thrived,
The children carried on, with love multiplied.
And as they grew older, they’d always remember,
The joy of sharing, a feeling so tender.

The Wondrous Sharing Carousel

In a land of enchantment, where dreams take flight,
Stood a carousel grand, a mesmerizing sight.
With colors so vivid, and music so sweet,
The Wondrous Sharing Carousel, where young hearts would meet.

The children would gather, from far and from near,
To ride the carousel, and feel their hearts cheer.
For the magic it held, was a secret untold,
A force that would teach them, to be kind and bold.

As the carousel spun, in its magical whirl,
The children would share, every boy and girl.
They’d offer their treasures, as the horses danced high,
And the power of sharing, would fill the sky.

Little Emily shared her most treasured kite,
With a boy named Jack, who had lost his in flight.
Together they soared, as the kite flew above,
And the magic of sharing filled their hearts with love.

Young Charlie shared his favorite book,
With a girl named Rosie, who’d never had a look.
Together they read, as the carousel spun,
Their imaginations ignited, like a setting sun.

Rosie then shared her warm, cozy scarf,
With a shivering child, who was lost and apart.
Wrapped in its warmth, the child’s smile grew,
For the gift of sharing had touched her heart too.

As the carousel spun, the sharing went on,
From dawn until dusk, and dusk until dawn.
The children would learn, that when they gave away,
The love in their hearts would forever stay.

For the magic of sharing, was a wondrous force,
That taught them compassion, and set them on course.
To live lives of kindness, and joy without end,
As they shared their hearts, with both stranger and friend.

The Wondrous Sharing Carousel, in the land of dreams,
A place where love and kindness would forever gleam.
As the children grew older, they’d never forget,
The power of sharing, and the friends that they met.

So, whenever you find yourself feeling alone,
Remember the carousel, and the love that was shown.
For the magic of sharing will never grow old,
And it lies within you, your heart’s purest gold.

The Sharing Picnic

On a sunny day in the park so green,
The children gathered with a picnic scene.
A basket of goodies, and blankets to share,
The Sharing Picnic, a day beyond compare.

They spread out their feast, with smiles so wide,
And offered to share, with all those inside.
Sandwiches, fruits, and cookies galore,
The children knew sharing, was what they came for.

Little Timmy shared his cheese and ham,
With a little girl, who had nothing but jam.
She offered her jam, with a heart full of glee,
And they laughed and they played, under the shady tree.

Samantha shared her favorite stories,
With a boy named Mike, who was never bored.
Together they listened, and acted out the tales,
And the magic of sharing, never ever fails.

Young Alex shared his kite with a group,
And they all took turns, with an excited whoop.
They ran and they laughed, as it soared in the sky,
The joy of sharing, lifting their spirits high.

As the day went on, the sharing grew,
A little bit here, and a little bit new.
For the children knew, that the magic of giving,
Could make life worth living.

They shared their games, and their toys so bright,
And the park was filled, with sounds of delight.
For when they gave, their hearts felt so full,
And the world around them, was never dull.

As the sun set low, on the Sharing Picnic day,
The children gathered, to give thanks and to pray.
For the magic of sharing, that had touched their hearts,
And the friends they’d made, right from the start.

So, whenever you find yourself in a park so green,
Remember the Sharing Picnic, and all that it means.
For the magic of sharing, is a treasure so rare,
And it’s waiting for you, everywhere.

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