100 Seagull Jokes to Squawk About: Puns & Laughs Galore

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Welcome to “100 Seagull Jokes to Squawk About: Puns & Laughs Galore,” where humor spreads its wings! If laughter is the best medicine, then you’re about to overdose on hilarity with our flock of feathered funnies. Whether you’re soaring through a dull day or nesting at home in search of a giggle, these jokes are sure to lift your spirits higher than a seagull’s flight.

From the sandy shores to the open seas, seagulls are known for their boisterous behavior and squawky banter. They hover over beachgoers with an eye for mischief and a love for snacks, inspiring a plethora of playful jests and “punny” quips that reflect their cheeky seaside antics. Our compilation of seagull humor is tailored to bring the seaside right to your screen, filled with puns that are sharp as a beak and jokes that hit you like a wave.

Dive into our treasure trove of chirps and chuckles that captures the seagull’s essence in all its glory. From their notorious reputation as chip thieves to their stand-offish squabbles, every quip is a reflection of these iconic coastal characters. Whether you’re a beach lover, a pun enthusiast, or simply a fan of our feathered friends, there’s something here to tickle your funny bone.

Expect clever wordplay, outrageous one-liners, and gull-ible stories that prove just why these birds are such a mainstay in maritime mirth. Get ready to embark on a journey packed with whimsy, wings, and waves of fun that even the grumpiest old sailors would chuckle at. So let’s unfold the fun – may your laughs be as loud as the seagulls’ cries!

  1. Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay, they’d be bagels!
  2. What do you call a seagull when it’s being nosy? A beak-y blinder.
  3. Why don’t seagulls get into business? They can’t stop dropping their “shells”!
  4. What does a seagull wear to a wedding? An albatrossbow tie.
  5. Why did the seagull sit on the whale? It wanted to learn the art of “wave-surfing.”
  6. How do seagulls stay informed? They read the “current-seas” section.
  7. Why did the seagull get promoted? It was always above board!
  8. What’s a seagull’s favorite mode of writing? “Shore-hand.”
  9. Why did the seagull break up with the pelican? It was too much of a “bill” to deal with.
  10. What do you call a funny seagull? A “bird” of a feather that flocks to laughter.
  11. Why was the seagull named a royal? Because it was a “prince of tides.”
  12. What’s a seagull’s favorite type of story? A “tale-wind.”
  13. Why don’t seagulls ever get lost? They just follow their “instinct-gulls.”
  14. Why do seagulls make bad tennis partners? They keep serving “foul” balls.
  15. Why did the seagull start a business? It wanted to cash in on the “buoy” market.
  16. What’s a seagull’s favorite type of exercise? “Beak-ram” yoga.
  17. Why do seagulls live by the sea? Because life’s a beach!
  18. What’s a seagull’s favorite TV show? “America’s Got Talont.”
  19. Why did the seagull get kicked out of the library? It wouldn’t stop squawking the answers.
  20. Why did the seagull become a chef? It had a knack for “sea-soning.”
  21. What kind of music do seagulls love? Anything with a good “hook.”
  22. Why do seagulls hate secrets? Because they always blurt out “beak-ause” they can’t help it.
  23. How do seagulls send messages? By “air mail.”
  24. What do you call a seagull with a sense of humor? A “stand-up chirper.”
  25. Why did the seagull refuse the job offer? It didn’t want to work for “peanuts.”
  26. Why was the seagull always picked last in soccer? It only played on the “wing.”
  27. What’s a seagull’s favorite game at the fair? “Beak-a-duck.”
  28. What do you call a book club that’s just for seagulls? “Fly-club.”
  29. What do you get when you cross a seagull with a computer? A “Dell-ta” bird.
  30. What does a seagull use to fix its nest? “Duck” tape!
  31. Why are seagulls so good at geometry? They love the angle of the “coast.”
  32. Why do seagulls always carry a trunk? For their “beach” vacation.
  33. How do seagulls make a decision? They “flip” a fish.
  34. What do you call a seagull with a bad attitude? A “malteagull.”
  35. Why did the seagull get a job at the construction site? It was a natural at “roofing.”
  36. What’s a seagull’s favorite gymnastics move? The “beak-flip.”
  37. What’s a seagull’s least favorite day of the week? “Trasheday,” when the beach is clean.
  38. What do you call an overworked seagull? A “featherweight” champion.
  39. Why did the seagull love fast food? For the fries and the “squawk” shake.
  40. How does a seagull approach a tough problem? It takes it “wing by wing.”
  41. What do you call a seagull with a stopwatch? A “time-flies” judge.
  42. Why did the seagull sit on the buoy? Because it wanted to “sea” better!
  43. What’s a seagull’s favorite snack at the movies? “Popcorn shrimp.”
  44. How do seagulls keep in touch? They “cell-fone.”
  45. What did one seagull say to the other before a race? “May the best “wind” win!”
  46. Why was the seagull a great comedian? It always “quacked” up the crowd.
  47. What’s a seagull’s favorite classroom subject? “Art-ic Terns.”
  48. Why don’t seagulls get into fights? They prefer to “wing it” peacefully.
  49. Why do seagulls hate shopping? Too many “mallards.”
  50. What’s a seagull’s favorite basketball move? The “sky-hook.”
  51. Why did the seagull like algebra? It was an expert at finding “X-squawks.”
  52. Why did the seagull become a boxer? It had a killer left “hook.”
  53. What’s a seagull’s favorite place to shop? The “flea” market.
  54. Why did the seagull get an award? For outstanding “fleat” in bird-watching.
  55. Why did the seagull refuse to start a diet? It just couldn’t give up fast “food chains.”
  56. What’s a seagull’s favorite part of the newspaper? The feather forecast.
  57. How do seagull poets write their poems? In “verse-a-tile” style.
  58. What’s a seagull’s favorite sport? Beakminton.
  59. What’s a seagull’s favorite herb? “Beak” basil.
  60. What do you call a seagull with a tie? “Gull-ent” businessman.
  61. What’s a seagull’s favorite kitchen appliance? The “beak” mixer.
  62. What did the seagull say to the sand dollar? “You make cents to me!”
  63. Why did the seagull quit the debate team? It couldn’t stop “winging it.”
  64. How do you compliment a seagull on its looks? Say, “You look “gull-geous” today!”
  65. Why did the seagull get lost? It took a “wrong tern.”
  66. Why did the seagull love picnics? It was a “sand-wich” enthusiast.
  67. What do you call a seagull who loves to drill? “Gull-iver” the tool guy.
  68. How does a seagull answer the phone? “Squawk-ello?”
  69. What’s a seagull’s life motto? “Sea-ze the day.”
  70. What do you call a seagull’s mistake? A “flap” in judgment.
  71. Why do seagulls love old movies? They’re fans of “Hitch-cock.”
  72. What do you call a seagull when it solves a mystery? A “de-tec-tive.”
  73. Why did the seagull become a painter? It loved “sea-scapes.”
  74. What’s a seagull’s favorite candy? “Beak-a-boo” gum.
  75. How does a seagull stay fit? By doing “fly-ometrics.”
  76. Why was the seagull always invited to parties? It was a “social egret.”
  77. What’s a seagull’s favorite punctuation? The “over-the-sea colon.”
  78. Why was the seagull a great investor? It had a lot of “stock in the air.”
  79. What do you call a seagull that’s good at magic? “Houdini the Great Gull-ician.”
  80. What do you call a well-dressed seagull? “Sophistiflied.”
  81. Why did the seagull never start anything? It believed in “flying by default.”
  82. Why did the seagull stand on one leg? Because if it lifted the other, it’d “fall overboard.”
  83. Why are seagulls great at scavenger hunts? They always find the “hidden tres-sea.”
  84. What’s a seagull’s favorite car? A “Beak” Volkswagen.
  85. What’s a seagull’s favorite historical era? The “Fly-stone” age.
  86. Why did the seagull go to the tailor? It had a “wing to hem.”
  87. What do you call a seagull that’s in charge? “Captain of the Skies.”
  88. Why did the seagull love the smartphone? For its “feather” touch.
  89. Why did the seagull join the fire department? It was already good at “water diving.”
  90. What did the seagull say to the angry cat? “Don’t get your “feathers” in a bunch!”
  91. How do seagulls end their prayers? “Ah-wing and amen!”
  92. What’s a seagull’s favorite day of the week? “Flydays.”
  93. Why did the seagull write a book? To add “author” to its list of “fowls.”
  94. What’s a seagull’s favorite mathematical operation? “Aero” addition.
  95. What’s a seagull’s favorite dance? The “Beak-a-boo” boogie.
  96. What do seagulls drink on hot days? “Iced tea-gull.”
  97. Why did the seagull refuse to go to school? It was afraid of “high tides” and tests.
  98. Why did the seagull cross the playground? To get to the other “slide.”
  99. What did the romantic seagull write in its love letter? “You’ve stolen a “pizza” my heart.”
  100. Why did the seagull stop using the internet? It was tired of “surfing” the web.

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