96 Slang Words for Advertising: (With Meanings)

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide featuring 96 slang words for advertising. Dive into the captivating world of marketing and uncover the vibrant language that shapes the realm of promotions and brand communication. From creative expressions to catchy phrases, this collection will expand your advertising vocabulary and add a touch of flair to your discussions about the ever-evolving landscape of advertising strategies and techniques.

1. Ad

Definition: Short for advertisement, a form of communication intended to promote or sell a product, service, or idea.

Example: They placed an ad in the newspaper to attract potential customers to their new store.

2. Promo

Definition: Short for promotion, a marketing activity or material designed to generate interest or awareness about a product or event.

Example: They released a promo video highlighting the features of their upcoming product.

3. Spot

Definition: A short audio or video advertisement, typically lasting a few seconds to a minute.

Example: They aired a spot during the commercial break of the TV show to promote their new movie.

4. Plug

Definition: To promote or endorse a product or service, often in a subtle or indirect manner.

Example: The celebrity plugged the new fashion line in her social media posts.

5. Pitch

Definition: A persuasive presentation or speech aimed at convincing others to buy or invest in a product or idea.

Example: They delivered a compelling pitch to potential investors, highlighting the unique features of their startup.

6. Publicity

Definition: The act of creating awareness or attention for a person, product, or organization through media coverage or public interest.

Example: The artist’s new album received a lot of publicity in the music industry.

7. Promotion

Definition: An activity or campaign designed to increase awareness, sales, or visibility of a product or service.

Example: They offered a special promotion, giving customers a discount on their first purchase.

8. Hype

Definition: Exaggerated or excessive promotion or excitement about a product, often to generate interest or anticipation.

Example: The company created hype around their new smartphone release, teasing its groundbreaking features.

9. Buzz

Definition: A word-of-mouth or online conversation generated by the public about a product, often due to its novelty or unique qualities.

Example: The new restaurant created a buzz in the city with its innovative menu and stylish ambiance.

10. Campaign

Definition: A coordinated series of marketing activities and messages aimed at achieving specific goals or objectives.

Example: They launched an advertising campaign to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.

11. Marketing

Definition: The process of promoting and selling products or services, including activities such as market research, advertising, and branding.

Example: They hired a marketing agency to develop a comprehensive strategy for their new product launch.

12. Propaganda

Definition: Biased or misleading information spread to promote a particular political, social, or commercial agenda.

Example: The government used propaganda to influence public opinion during the election campaign.

13. Infomercial

Definition: A television program or segment that combines information and advertising, often featuring demonstrations and product presentations.

Example: They aired an infomercial to showcase the benefits and uses of their new kitchen appliance.

14. Endorsement

Definition: A public declaration of approval or support for a product or brand by a well-known person or organization.

Example: The athlete’s endorsement of the sports drink boosted its popularity among fitness enthusiasts.

15. Billboard

Definition: A large outdoor advertising structure typically placed alongside roads or in high-traffic areas to display advertisements.

Example: The company rented a billboard to promote their upcoming event to a wide audience.

16. Broadcast

Definition: To transmit or air audio or video content, including advertisements, through television, radio, or online platforms.

Example: They broadcasted their commercial during the prime time television slot to reach a larger audience.

17. Trailer

Definition: A short video or preview that provides a glimpse of a film, TV show, or product, often used to generate interest or anticipation.

Example: The movie trailer captivated audiences and created buzz for the upcoming release.

18. Teaser

Definition: A short and intriguing advertisement or promotional material designed to arouse curiosity and capture attention.

Example: They released a teaser video, hinting at the exciting features of their upcoming product.

19. Publicizing

Definition: The act of making information or products known to the public through various promotional channels and efforts.

Example: They focused on publicizing their event through social media, press releases, and online advertisements.

20. Blurb

Definition: A short and concise promotional description or review of a product, often displayed on book covers or product packaging.

Example: The author wrote a compelling blurb for the back cover of her new novel.

21. Puffery

Definition: Exaggerated or inflated claims about a product or service, often used in advertising to attract attention or create interest.

Example: The advertisement used puffery, describing the product as the “best in the world” without providing concrete evidence.

22. Spin

Definition: A distorted or biased interpretation or presentation of information or events, often used to influence public opinion or perception.

Example: The politician’s spokesperson put a positive spin on the controversial decision to gain public support.

23. Display

Definition: A visual presentation or arrangement of products or information in a way that attracts attention and showcases their features or benefits.

Example: They set up an eye-catching display at the trade show to attract potential customers.

24. Exhibition

Definition: An event or organized display where products, services, or works of art are showcased to the public.

Example: They participated in an exhibition to introduce their latest collection to the art community.

25. Presentation

Definition: A formal or visual display of information, often used to convey ideas, persuade, or educate an audience.

Example: The sales team delivered an engaging presentation to potential clients, highlighting the benefits of their product.

26. Show

Definition: An event, performance, or spectacle that provides entertainment or information, often involving a combination of various elements.

Example: They organized a fashion show to showcase their latest clothing collection to industry professionals and fashion enthusiasts.

27. Push

Definition: To promote or market a product or idea actively, often through advertising and sales efforts.

Example: They pushed their new software through targeted online advertisements and direct sales outreach.

28. Shill

Definition: A person who pretends to be a satisfied customer or independent bystander to promote or endorse a product or service.

Example: The company hired shills to create positive reviews and generate buzz for their new app.

29. PR

Definition: Short for public relations, the practice of managing communication and relationships between an organization and the public to build a positive image.

Example: The company hired a PR firm to handle their media relations and create a favorable public image.

30. Boost

Definition: To increase or improve the visibility, popularity, or success of a product or idea through promotional efforts.

Example: They implemented a social media campaign to boost their brand awareness and attract new customers.

31. Exposure

Definition: The extent to which a product or brand is visible or known to the public, often through advertising, media coverage, or public events.

Example: The company gained significant exposure by sponsoring a popular sporting event.

32. Noise

Definition: The volume or amount of information, messages, or advertisements present in the media or public space.

Example: It’s challenging to cut through the noise and capture the audience’s attention in a crowded marketplace.

33. Hoopla

Definition: Excitement, commotion, or exaggerated promotion surrounding an event, product, or campaign.

Example: The grand opening of the new store was accompanied by a lot of hoopla, with live performances and special promotions.

34. Hardsell

Definition: An aggressive or forceful sales approach or technique that emphasizes the benefits or advantages of a product or service.

Example: The salesperson used a hardsell tactic, pressuring the customer to make an immediate purchase.

35. Ballyhoo

Definition: Excessive or sensational promotion or advertising, often characterized by noise, extravagance, or showmanship.

Example: The circus used ballyhoo to attract large crowds, with colorful banners and street performances.

36. Softsell

Definition: A subtle or gentle sales approach that focuses on building relationships, providing information, and guiding the customer’s decision-making process.

Example: The salesperson adopted a softsell strategy, engaging in a conversation with the customer and addressing their needs.

37. Pimping

Definition: Aggressively promoting or advertising a product or service, often with a focus on its impressive or desirable qualities.

Example: The company engaged in pimping their new smartphone, showcasing its advanced features and sleek design.

38. Flogging

Definition: Promoting or selling a product or idea energetically or persistently, often using persuasive or enthusiastic language.

Example: The salesperson engaged in flogging the new health supplement, emphasizing its potential benefits and positive customer reviews.

39. Commercial

Definition: A paid advertisement intended for radio, television, or online platforms, typically promoting a product, service, or brand.

Example: They aired a commercial during the Super Bowl to reach a massive audience and promote their new car model.

40. Advocacy

Definition: The act of publicly supporting or promoting a particular cause, idea, or product.

Example: They engaged in advocacy for environmental sustainability by promoting eco-friendly products and initiatives.

41. Sales pitch

Definition: A persuasive presentation or speech aimed at convincing potential customers to make a purchase.

Example: The salesperson delivered an engaging sales pitch, highlighting the unique features and benefits of the product.

42. Spam

Definition: Unsolicited or unwanted messages, often in the form of emails or online advertisements, sent in large quantities.

Example: Their inbox was filled with spam emails promoting various products and services.

43. Clickbait

Definition: Online content or headlines designed to attract attention and generate clicks, often using sensational or misleading tactics.

Example: The article used clickbait titles to entice readers, but the content didn’t deliver the promised information.

44. Banner

Definition: A graphical advertisement displayed prominently on a webpage or online platform to attract attention and drive traffic to a website.

Example: The website featured a banner ad for a new clothing collection, linking to the brand’s online store.

45. Pop-up

Definition: An online advertisement or window that appears suddenly on a webpage, often promoting a product or offering additional content.

Example: The website displayed a pop-up ad inviting visitors to sign up for their newsletter.

46. Pre-roll

Definition: An advertisement that plays before the desired content, such as a video or audio clip, often online or on streaming platforms.

Example: They had to watch a pre-roll advertisement before accessing the online video they wanted to view.

47. Post-roll

Definition: An advertisement that plays after the desired content, such as a video or audio clip, often online or on streaming platforms.

Example: After finishing the podcast episode, they listened to a post-roll advertisement for a new audiobook.

48. Interstitial

Definition: A full-page or screen advertisement that appears between two content pages or screens, often on websites or mobile apps.

Example: They encountered an interstitial ad while browsing a news website, requiring them to close the ad to access the article.

49. Flash

Definition: An animated or interactive advertisement displayed on a webpage, often using multimedia elements to attract attention.

Example: The website featured a flash ad with colorful animations and interactive elements to engage visitors.

50. Skyscraper

Definition: A tall and narrow vertical advertisement displayed on a webpage’s sidebar, often extending from the top to the bottom of the page.

Example: The website’s sidebar featured a skyscraper ad promoting a new fashion collection.

51. Leaderboard

Definition: A wide horizontal advertisement displayed prominently at the top or bottom of a webpage, often spanning the full width of the page.

Example: The website’s leaderboard ad showcased a new car model with stunning visuals and enticing captions.

52. Meme

Definition: An image, video, or text that is widely shared and spread rapidly on the internet, often carrying humorous or satirical content.

Example: The company used a popular meme to create a funny and relatable advertisement for their product.

53. Native ad

Definition: An advertisement that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding content in terms of style, format, and user experience.

Example: The online article included a native ad that resembled the article’s format and offered relevant product recommendations.

54. Video ad

Definition: An advertisement presented in a video format, often played before, during, or after online videos or streamed content.

Example: They watched a video ad promoting a new mobile game before accessing the desired video content.

55. Print ad

Definition: An advertisement that appears in printed materials such as newspapers, magazines, brochures, or posters.

Example: They designed a creative print ad for a fashion brand to be featured in a popular lifestyle magazine.

56. Radio spot

Definition: An advertisement or promotional message aired on radio stations to reach listeners.

Example: They created a catchy jingle for their radio spot, promoting their new line of beverages.

57. TV spot

Definition: An advertisement or commercial aired on television to reach viewers during breaks in programming.

Example: They produced a TV spot featuring a well-known celebrity to promote their new fragrance.

58. In-app ad

Definition: An advertisement displayed within a mobile application, often integrated into the app’s user interface.

Example: While playing a game on their smartphone, they encountered an in-app ad promoting a new mobile phone model.

59. Product placement

Definition: The inclusion or integration of a product or brand within a film, TV show, or other media content as a form of advertisement.

Example: The movie featured extensive product placement, with the characters prominently using and displaying certain brands.

60. Guerrilla marketing

Definition: Unconventional and creative marketing strategies or campaigns that aim to attract attention through unconventional and unexpected means.

Example: They organized a guerrilla marketing campaign, placing colorful and interactive installations in public spaces to engage passersby.

61. Viral marketing

Definition: A marketing strategy that aims to create and spread content or messages rapidly through online platforms, relying on word-of-mouth and social sharing.

Example: The company created a humorous and shareable video as part of their viral marketing campaign, hoping it would be widely shared on social media.

62. Content marketing

Definition: A marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and engaging content to attract and retain a target audience.

Example: The company developed a content marketing strategy, regularly publishing informative blog posts and videos related to their industry.

63. Social media marketing

Definition: The use of social media platforms to promote products, services, or brands and engage with the target audience.

Example: They utilized social media marketing to increase brand awareness, sharing engaging content and interacting with followers.

64. SEO

Definition: Short for search engine optimization, the practice of improving a website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results through various strategies and techniques.

Example: They implemented SEO techniques to optimize their website’s content and structure for higher search engine rankings.

65. SEM

Definition: Short for search engine marketing, the practice of using paid advertising methods to increase a website’s visibility and traffic through search engine results.

Example: They allocated a portion of their marketing budget to SEM, running targeted ads on search engines to attract potential customers.

66. Direct mail

Definition: Marketing materials, such as postcards, brochures, or catalogs, sent directly to potential customers’ mailboxes.

Example: They conducted a direct mail campaign, sending promotional brochures to households in the target demographic.

67. Flyers

Definition: Single-page printed materials used for promotional purposes, often distributed by hand or through direct mail.

Example: They designed eye-catching flyers to advertise their upcoming event and handed them out in busy areas of the city.

68. Brochures

Definition: Printed materials containing detailed information about a product, service, or organization, often used for informational and promotional purposes.

Example: They distributed brochures at trade shows and conferences to provide attendees with an overview of their company and offerings.

69. Catalogs

Definition: Printed or digital publications that present a comprehensive list of products or services offered by a company, often organized into categories.

Example: They mailed out catalogs to their loyal customers, showcasing their latest collection and offering product discounts.

70. Sponsorship

Definition: The financial support or partnership provided by a company or organization to fund an event, team, or initiative in exchange for advertising or promotional benefits.

Example: The company secured a sponsorship deal with a sports team, allowing their logo to be displayed on the team’s jerseys and promoting their brand during games.

71. Cross-promotion

Definition: A marketing strategy where two or more complementary products or brands collaborate to promote each other’s offerings to their respective customer bases.

Example: The movie studio and the fast-food chain engaged in a cross-promotion campaign, featuring movie characters in their advertisements and offering themed meal deals.

72. Merchandising

Definition: The strategic display, promotion, and sale of products in retail environments to maximize visibility, appeal, and customer interest.

Example: They implemented effective merchandising techniques, arranging products creatively and using eye-catching displays to attract customers.

73. Branding

Definition: The process of creating and promoting a distinct and recognizable identity for a product, service, or organization through consistent visual elements, messaging, and customer experience.

Example: The company invested in branding efforts, designing a unique logo, defining brand values, and ensuring a consistent brand experience across all touchpoints.

74. Push marketing

Definition: A marketing approach that involves actively promoting products or services to potential customers through advertising, direct sales, or other promotional activities.

Example: The company employed push marketing strategies, running targeted ads and conducting telemarketing campaigns to reach their audience.

75. Pull marketing

Definition: A marketing approach that aims to attract customers to a product or brand through engaging content, search engine optimization, and customer referrals.

Example: They focused on pull marketing techniques, creating valuable content and optimizing their website to attract organic traffic and customer interest.

76. Cause marketing

Definition: A marketing strategy that aligns a company or brand with a particular social or environmental cause, often combining promotional efforts with supporting the cause.

Example: The company engaged in cause marketing, donating a portion of their proceeds to a nonprofit organization and promoting the cause in their advertisements.

77. Event marketing

Definition: The promotion and marketing activities associated with organizing and hosting events, such as trade shows, conferences, or product launches.

Example: They invested in event marketing, setting up a booth at a trade show to showcase their products and interact with potential customers.

78. Street marketing

Definition: Marketing activities that take place in public spaces, such as streets, parks, or events, often involving direct interaction with passersby.

Example: The company conducted street marketing by handing out samples and engaging in face-to-face interactions with people in busy areas of the city.

79. Point of sale

Definition: The location or moment in which a customer makes a purchase, typically referring to physical or online checkout areas.

Example: They placed attractive displays and promotional materials near the point of sale to encourage impulse purchases.

80. Packaging

Definition: The design and physical appearance of a product’s container or wrapping, often used as a marketing tool to attract attention and convey brand identity.

Example: They invested in visually appealing packaging for their new product, ensuring it stood out on store shelves.

81. Celebrity endorsement

Definition: The use of a well-known person, such as a celebrity or public figure, to promote or endorse a product, service, or brand.

Example: The company secured a celebrity endorsement for their perfume, featuring the popular actor in their advertisements.

82. Influencer marketing

Definition: A marketing strategy that involves collaborating with influential individuals on social media platforms to promote products or brands to their followers.

Example: They partnered with popular social media influencers to create sponsored content and reach a wider audience with their product.

83. Affiliate marketing

Definition: A performance-based marketing strategy where affiliates earn a commission by promoting and driving sales for another company’s products or services.

Example: They implemented an affiliate marketing program, offering a commission to bloggers and website owners who referred customers to their online store.

84. Referral marketing

Definition: A marketing strategy that encourages existing customers to refer friends, family, or acquaintances to a business in exchange for incentives or rewards.

Example: They implemented a referral marketing program, offering discounts to customers who referred new customers to their service.

85. Loyalty marketing

Definition: A marketing approach that focuses on building long-term customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases through reward programs, exclusive offers, or personalized experiences.

Example: The company implemented a loyalty marketing program, offering special discounts and benefits to their most loyal customers.

86. Email marketing

Definition: The use of email campaigns to communicate with customers, promote products or services, and build relationships or generate sales.

Example: They sent out a targeted email marketing campaign, offering personalized discounts and product recommendations based on customer preferences.

87. Newsletter

Definition: A regularly distributed email or print publication containing news, updates, or promotional content related to a specific brand, company, or topic.

Example: They sent out a monthly newsletter to their subscribers, featuring industry news, product updates, and exclusive offers.

88. Press release

Definition: An official statement or announcement issued by a company or organization to the media, providing newsworthy information about a product launch, event, or milestone.

Example: The company issued a press release to announce their partnership with a prominent industry leader.

89. Article

Definition: A written piece of content providing information, analysis, or insights on a specific topic, often published in newspapers, magazines, or online platforms.

Example: They published an article in a popular tech magazine, discussing the future of artificial intelligence in the automotive industry.

90. Blog post

Definition: A written entry or article published on a blog, offering informative, educational, or entertaining content related to a specific subject or industry.

Example: They regularly posted blog articles on their company website, sharing industry tips and highlighting their product’s features.

91. Vlog

Definition: A video blog or video-based content created by an individual or company, often sharing experiences, opinions, or tutorials.

Example: They uploaded a vlog on their YouTube channel, documenting their travel experiences and promoting the destinations they visited.

92. Webinar

Definition: An online seminar or presentation conducted over the internet, typically involving live or recorded video and interactive features.

Example: They hosted a webinar to educate customers about their software’s advanced features and provide tips for optimization.

93. Podcast

Definition: An audio program or series of episodes, often available for download or streaming, covering various topics and discussions.

Example: They produced a podcast series where industry experts shared insights and discussed current trends in their field.

94. User-generated content

Definition: Content, such as reviews, testimonials, photos, or videos, created and shared by customers or users of a product or service.

Example: They encouraged their customers to submit user-generated content, showcasing how they used and enjoyed their products on social media.

95. Giveaways

Definition: Promotional activities where products or services are offered for free, often as part of a contest, sweepstakes, or promotional campaign.

Example: They organized a giveaway on social media, offering a chance to win their latest product to those who shared and commented on the post.

96. Contests

Definition: Competitions or challenges organized to engage customers or the public, often with prizes awarded to winners based on specific criteria or achievements.

Example: The company held a photo contest, encouraging customers to submit their best pictures featuring their product for a chance to win a prize.

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