94 Slang Words for Agreement: (With Meanings)

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Discover the vibrant world of language with our compilation of 94 slang words for an agreement. From casual conversations to formal negotiations, this diverse collection offers a plethora of expressive phrases to strengthen your communicative prowess. Whether you’re aiming for consensus or sealing a deal, these dynamic slang expressions will add flair and impact to your agreements.

1. Deal

Definition: An agreement or arrangement between parties.

Example: They struck a deal to share the profits from the business venture.

2. Pact

Definition: A formal agreement or treaty.

Example: The two countries entered into a pact to promote trade and cooperation.

3. Accord

Definition: A formal agreement or harmony between parties.

Example: The labor union and management reached an accord on wages and working conditions.

4. Contract

Definition: A legally binding agreement between parties.

Example: They signed a contract to outline the terms and conditions of their business partnership.

5. Understanding

Definition: An agreement or consensus reached between parties.

Example: There was an understanding that they would support each other in times of need.

6. Arrangement

Definition: A formal agreement or plan between parties.

Example: They made an arrangement to split the costs of the vacation.

7. Settlement

Definition: An agreement or resolution reached to resolve a dispute.

Example: The parties involved in the lawsuit reached a settlement outside of court.

8. Bargain

Definition: An agreement or negotiation regarding terms or price.

Example: They struck a bargain to purchase the car at a discounted price.

9. Covenant

Definition: A formal and binding agreement between parties.

Example: The homeowners association required all residents to abide by the covenant of the community.

10. Commitment

Definition: A promise or pledge to fulfill an obligation.

Example: They made a commitment to support each other in their personal and professional goals.

11. Convention

Definition: An agreement or standard followed by a group or society.

Example: The countries agreed to abide by the convention on climate change.

12. Compact

Definition: A formal agreement or treaty between nations or parties.

Example: The neighboring countries signed a compact to cooperate on border security.

13. Treaty

Definition: A formal agreement or contract between nations.

Example: The countries negotiated a treaty to promote diplomatic relations and trade.

14. Protocol

Definition: A set of rules or guidelines governing behavior or procedures.

Example: The diplomatic protocol outlined the proper etiquette and procedures for official meetings.

15. Handshake

Definition: An informal agreement or understanding sealed with a handshake.

Example: They made a handshake agreement to collaborate on a project.

16. Bond

Definition: A strong connection or agreement between parties.

Example: The partnership formed a strong bond based on trust and mutual goals.

17. Promise

Definition: A commitment or assurance to do something.

Example: He made a promise to always be there for his best friend.

18. Stipulation

Definition: A condition or requirement included in an agreement.

Example: The contract included a stipulation for regular progress reports.

19. Entente

Definition: A diplomatic understanding or agreement between nations.

Example: The countries reached an entente to cooperate on environmental conservation.

20. Pledge

Definition: A solemn promise or commitment.

Example: They made a pledge to support the charitable organization through regular donations.

21. Consensus

Definition: General agreement or harmony among a group.

Example: The committee reached a consensus on the proposed changes.

22. Terms

Definition: The specific conditions or provisions of an agreement.

Example: They negotiated the terms of their business partnership.

23. Alliance

Definition: A formal agreement or partnership between parties.

Example: The countries formed an alliance to strengthen their defense capabilities.

24. Truce

Definition: An agreement to temporarily stop fighting or hostilities.

Example: The warring factions agreed to a truce to allow for humanitarian aid.

25. Undertaking

Definition: A formal commitment or promise to undertake a task or responsibility.

Example: He took on the undertaking of organizing the charity event.

26. Concurrence

Definition: Agreement or harmony of opinion or action.

Example: The board members expressed their concurrence on the proposed strategy.

27. Engagements

Definition: Formal agreements or commitments to do something.

Example: They had multiple engagements with different clients scheduled for the week.

28. Assurance

Definition: A promise or guarantee of something.

Example: The company provided assurance of product quality and customer satisfaction.

29. Compliance

Definition: Agreement or adherence to rules, regulations, or requirements.

Example: The employees were required to sign a form confirming their compliance with the company policies.

30. Avowal

Definition: An open declaration or acknowledgment of something.

Example: His avowal of love for her brought tears to her eyes.

31. Concession

Definition: A compromise or agreement made in response to a demand or request.

Example: The negotiations resulted in a concession from both parties.

32. Oath

Definition: A solemn promise or declaration, often made under oath.

Example: She took an oath of loyalty and confidentiality before assuming her new position.

33. Warranty

Definition: A guarantee or promise regarding the quality or performance of a product or service.

Example: The laptop came with a one-year warranty against defects.

34. Guaranty

Definition: A formal assurance or guarantee of something.

Example: The bank provided a guaranty of the loan repayment.

35. Vow

Definition: A solemn promise or pledge, often made in a religious or ceremonial context.

Example: The couple exchanged vows of love and commitment during their wedding ceremony.

36. Obligation

Definition: A duty or commitment to fulfill a responsibility.

Example: They had an obligation to pay the rent on time each month.

37. Gentlemen’s agreement

Definition: An informal and unwritten agreement or understanding.

Example: They had a gentlemen’s agreement to split the winnings from the lottery ticket.

38. Word

Definition: A person’s promise or assurance.

Example: You have my word that I will complete the project by the deadline.

39. Modus vivendi

Definition: An arrangement or understanding that allows parties to coexist peacefully despite differences.

Example: The neighbors reached a modus vivendi regarding their property boundary dispute.

40. Charter

Definition: A formal written document outlining the rights, privileges, and obligations of an organization or group.

Example: The charter defined the rules and responsibilities of the student organization.

41. Common ground

Definition: Shared interests, beliefs, or opinions that allow for agreement or understanding.

Example: They found common ground on the need for environmental conservation.

42. Meeting of the minds

Definition: A mutual understanding or agreement reached through discussion or negotiation.

Example: After hours of negotiation, they finally had a meeting of the minds on the contract terms.

43. Affirmation

Definition: A positive and explicit declaration or agreement.

Example: He gave his affirmation to support the proposal.

44. Resolution

Definition: A firm decision or determination to do something.

Example: She made a resolution to prioritize her health and fitness.

45. Decision

Definition: A choice or judgment made after consideration or deliberation.

Example: The committee made a unanimous decision to approve the project.

46. Rapport

Definition: A harmonious and positive relationship or connection between parties.

Example: The team built a strong rapport based on trust and effective communication.

47. Collaboration

Definition: Cooperative work or partnership toward a shared goal.

Example: The two companies entered into a collaboration to develop a new product.

48. Quorum

Definition: The minimum number of members required to be present for an official meeting or decision-making process.

Example: The board meeting couldn’t proceed because they didn’t have a quorum.

49. Ratification

Definition: The formal approval or confirmation of an agreement or treaty.

Example: The treaty required ratification by the parliament before it could come into effect.

50. Accommodation

Definition: An agreement or compromise made to meet the needs or preferences of all parties involved.

Example: They reached an accommodation on the meeting time that worked for everyone.

51. Unanimity

Definition: Agreement or consensus reached by all parties or members involved.

Example: The committee members voted with unanimity in favor of the proposal.

52. Sworn statement

Definition: A formal written or spoken declaration made under oath or penalty of perjury.

Example: The witness provided a sworn statement detailing the events of the incident.

53. Non-disclosure

Definition: An agreement or contract prohibiting the disclosure of certain information.

Example: The employees signed a non-disclosure agreement to protect the company’s trade secrets.

54. Declaration

Definition: A formal statement or proclamation, often of one’s intentions or beliefs.

Example: The president made a declaration of emergency due to the natural disaster.

55. Harmony

Definition: Agreement or compatibility between parties, resulting in a pleasant or cooperative relationship.

Example: The members of the band played in harmony, creating beautiful music.

56. Sanction

Definition: Official approval or authorization of an agreement or action.

Example: The government gave its sanction to the international trade agreement.

57. Accordance

Definition: Agreement or conformity with a particular standard, rule, or request.

Example: They acted in accordance with the guidelines set by the regulatory body.

58. Certificate

Definition: A document or official statement confirming the validity or completion of an agreement or course of action.

Example: She received a certificate of achievement for successfully completing the training program.

59. Codicil

Definition: An additional provision or agreement added to an existing document, such as a will.

Example: The codicil clarified the distribution of assets in the revised will.

60. Corroboration

Definition: Confirmation or evidence supporting the truth or validity of an agreement or statement.

Example: The witness provided corroboration for the defendant’s alibi.

61. Indenture

Definition: A formal agreement or contract, often written and bound by indentations or notches.

Example: The apprenticeship was governed by an indenture outlining the terms and obligations.

62. Prenup

Definition: A prenuptial agreement, a contract made by a couple before their marriage, outlining the division of assets and spousal support in the event of divorce or separation.

Example: They signed a prenup to protect their individual assets in case of a divorce.

63. Avouchment

Definition: A formal declaration or affirmation of the truth or accuracy of something.

Example: The expert’s avouchment of the research findings added credibility to the study.

64. Written word

Definition: An agreement or promise that is documented or recorded in writing.

Example: They relied on the written word of the contract to settle their dispute.

65. Testament

Definition: A written document or statement that confirms one’s wishes or intentions, especially regarding the distribution of assets after death.

Example: The will served as a testament to the deceased’s wishes for the inheritance.

66. Rules of engagement

Definition: Agreed-upon guidelines or protocols dictating the behavior and actions of parties involved in a particular situation, often used in military or diplomatic contexts.

Example: The military units operated under strict rules of engagement during the peacekeeping mission.

67. Validation

Definition: Confirmation or recognition of the legitimacy or accuracy of an agreement or claim.

Example: The expert’s validation of the research findings added credibility to the study.

68. Concord

Definition: Agreement or harmony between parties; a state of peaceful coexistence.

Example: The negotiation resulted in a concord between the two conflicting parties.

69. Statute

Definition: A law or regulation enacted by a governing body.

Example: The statute required all citizens to pay taxes on their income.

70. Commonality

Definition: Shared characteristics, interests, or beliefs that foster agreement or understanding.

Example: They discovered a commonality in their passion for environmental conservation.

71. Verdict

Definition: A formal decision or judgment reached by a jury or judge.

Example: The jury deliberated and delivered a unanimous verdict of “not guilty.”

72. A-okay

Definition: An expression indicating agreement, approval, or satisfaction.

Example: The project manager gave the team’s progress an A-okay.

73. Go-ahead

Definition: Permission or authorization to proceed with an agreement or action.

Example: They received the go-ahead from their supervisor to implement the new marketing strategy.

74. Mutual understanding

Definition: Agreement or shared knowledge between parties, often resulting from effective communication or empathy.

Example: Through open dialogue, they developed a mutual understanding of each other’s perspectives.

75. Green light

Definition: Approval or permission to proceed with an agreement or action.

Example: The CEO gave the project team the green light to launch the new product.

76. Cooperation

Definition: Collaborative effort or working together toward a common goal or agreement.

Example: The two companies formed a partnership based on mutual cooperation and shared objectives.

77. Paperwork

Definition: The necessary documents or forms involved in an agreement, often requiring completion or processing.

Example: They spent hours filling out the paperwork to finalize the mortgage agreement.

78. Subpoena

Definition: A formal order issued by a court requiring a person to testify or provide evidence in a legal proceeding.

Example: He received a subpoena to appear as a witness in the trial.

79. Legal document

Definition: A written instrument or record that has legal significance, often used to formalize an agreement or establish rights and obligations.

Example: The contract was a legal document outlining the terms and conditions of the employment agreement.

80. Proclamation

Definition: A formal public announcement or declaration of a significant event or decision.

Example: The president made a proclamation to commemorate the national holiday.

81. Nod

Definition: A gesture indicating agreement or approval, often a brief inclination of the head.

Example: The manager gave a nod of approval to signify his agreement with the proposed plan.

82. Acceptance

Definition: The act of agreeing to or approving something.

Example: The job offer was met with immediate acceptance.

83. Edict

Definition: An official order or proclamation issued by an authority or ruler.

Example: The king issued an edict declaring new tax regulations.

84. Final say

Definition: The ultimate authority or decision-making power on a matter.

Example: The CEO has the final say on all major business decisions.

85. Mandate

Definition: An authoritative command, instruction, or requirement.

Example: The government implemented a mandate requiring all citizens to wear masks in public spaces.

86. Statement of intent

Definition: A formal declaration expressing one’s intentions or plans.

Example: The company issued a statement of intent to expand into international markets.

87. Binding promise

Definition: A promise or commitment that is legally or morally obligatory and enforceable.

Example: The signed contract served as a binding promise between the two parties.

88. Dictum

Definition: An authoritative statement or pronouncement of a principle or opinion.

Example: The judge’s dictum provided guidance on interpreting the law.

89. Fiat

Definition: A formal authorization or decree, often issued by a person in authority.

Example: The director issued a fiat granting permission for the project to proceed.

90. Decree

Definition: An official order or judgment issued by a legal or authoritative body.

Example: The court issued a decree ordering the parties to resolve the dispute through mediation.

91. Official word

Definition: The formal or authoritative statement or communication on a matter.

Example: We are still waiting for the official word on the outcome of the negotiations.

92. Legal tie

Definition: A legally binding connection or relationship established through an agreement or contract.

Example: Marriage creates a legal tie between two individuals.

93. The fine print

Definition: The details, conditions, or terms of an agreement that are often presented in small or less noticeable text.

Example: Before signing the contract, be sure to read the fine print to understand all the terms and conditions.

94. Terms and conditions

Definition: The specific provisions, rules, and requirements that govern an agreement or contract.

Example: The terms and conditions of the software license agreement outlined the rights and restrictions of the user.

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