93 Slang Words for Agriculture: (With Meanings)

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Explore the vibrant world of agriculture with our comprehensive compilation of 93 slang words. From the farmstead to the fields, these unique expressions add flavor and character to the language of farming. Enhance your understanding of the agricultural realm and discover the colorful terminology that embodies this vital industry.

1. Ag

Definition: Short for “agriculture,” referring to the practice of cultivating crops and raising livestock.

Example: He grew up in a small town where most people were involved in ag.

2. Agri

Definition: Abbreviation for “agriculture,” indicating the science and practice of farming.

Example: The university offers a degree program in agri studies.

3. Farming

Definition: The activity or business of cultivating land, producing crops, and raising livestock.

Example: His family has been involved in farming for generations.

4. Aggie

Definition: A slang term for a person studying or involved in agriculture or related fields.

Example: He proudly identifies himself as an aggie, having grown up on a farm.

5. Agro

Definition: Short for “agriculture” or “agricultural,” often used to refer to farming-related activities or practices.

Example: They had an agro conference to discuss sustainable farming techniques.

6. Dirt

Definition: Slang for soil or the land used for agricultural purposes.

Example: The quality of the dirt affects the productivity of the crops.

7. Greenery

Definition: Refers to the vegetation, plants, and lush green landscapes associated with agriculture.

Example: The countryside is filled with greenery during the spring planting season.

8. Ranching

Definition: The practice of raising livestock, especially cattle, on a ranch.

Example: His family has been in the ranching business for decades.

9. Cultivation

Definition: The act of preparing and tending to the soil, planting, and nurturing crops or plants.

Example: The cultivation of corn requires careful attention to soil fertility and irrigation.

10. Cropping

Definition: The practice of growing and harvesting crops, especially on a large scale.

Example: They rotate their cropping system to maintain soil health and prevent diseases.

11. Tilling

Definition: The process of turning or stirring the soil to prepare it for planting.

Example: The farmers spent the day tilling the fields to ensure proper seedbed preparation.

12. Soilwork

Definition: Refers to the activities and practices related to managing and improving soil health and fertility.

Example: They implemented soilwork techniques such as cover cropping and composting.

13. Harvesting

Definition: The process of gathering mature crops or plants for consumption, sale, or storage.

Example: The farmers were busy harvesting the wheat before the rain arrived.

14. Crops

Definition: Refers to plants or agricultural produce, typically cultivated for food, fiber, or other purposes.

Example: They grow a variety of crops, including corn, soybeans, and wheat.

15. Agronomy

Definition: The branch of agriculture that deals with the study and practice of crop production and soil management.

Example: She specialized in agronomy and conducted research on optimizing crop yields.

16. Horticulture

Definition: The science and art of cultivating plants, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants.

Example: The horticulture department maintains beautiful gardens on the university campus.

17. Farmstead

Definition: Refers to the main buildings and structures on a farm, including the farmhouse, barn, and other outbuildings.

Example: They converted the old farmstead into a bed and breakfast for agri-tourism.

18. Agrarian

Definition: Relating to or involved in agriculture; characterized by a society or economy based on agricultural production.

Example: The region has a strong agrarian tradition, with most of the population engaged in farming.

19. Tillage

Definition: The preparation of soil for planting, typically involving plowing, harrowing, or other mechanical operations.

Example: They practice reduced tillage methods to minimize soil erosion and conserve moisture.

20. Homesteading

Definition: The act of establishing a homestead or self-sufficient agricultural lifestyle, often involving living off the land.

Example: They embraced homesteading and built a sustainable farm from scratch.

21. Agricolture

Definition: A playful or slang variation of “agriculture,” used to refer to farming activities.

Example: The students organized an agricolture club to promote sustainable farming practices.

22. Planting

Definition: The act of sowing or placing seeds or young plants into the soil for growth.

Example: Spring is the busiest time for planting crops on the farm.

23. Fertilizing

Definition: The application of substances or materials to the soil or plants to provide nutrients and promote growth.

Example: They regularly fertilize their fields to ensure healthy crop development.

24. Gardening

Definition: The practice of cultivating and tending to plants, typically in a smaller scale or domestic setting.

Example: She enjoys gardening as a hobby, growing flowers and vegetables in her backyard.

25. Farmyard

Definition: The area or enclosed space surrounding a farm or farmhouse, often used for housing livestock or storing equipment.

Example: The children played in the farmyard, feeding the chickens and petting the goats.

26. Farmwork

Definition: Refers to the various tasks, chores, and activities involved in running and maintaining a farm.

Example: He wakes up early every day to start his farmwork, feeding the animals and checking the crops.

27. Fieldwork

Definition: The work or activities performed in the fields, including planting, cultivating, harvesting, and other tasks.

Example: The farmers spent long hours doing fieldwork during the busy planting season.

28. Cropwork

Definition: The specific tasks and activities related to cultivating and managing crops, such as weeding, irrigating, and applying pesticides.

Example: The farmers hired additional workers during peak cropwork periods to ensure timely operations.

29. Orchard

Definition: An area of land planted with fruit-bearing trees or shrubs.

Example: They have an apple orchard where they grow different varieties of apples.

30. Vineyard

Definition: A plantation or farm where grapevines are grown, typically for wine production.

Example: They own a vineyard in the wine region and produce their own wines.

31. Livestock

Definition: Animals raised on a farm for agricultural purposes, such as meat, milk, eggs, or labor.

Example: They have a diverse livestock operation, raising cattle, pigs, and chickens.

32. Dairy

Definition: Relating to or involving the production of milk or dairy products.

Example: They operate a dairy farm, milking cows and processing their own dairy products.

33. Agribusiness

Definition: A commercial or business enterprise related to agriculture, encompassing farming, processing, distribution, and marketing.

Example: The agribusiness sector plays a crucial role in the country’s economy.

34. Ranch

Definition: A large farm or estate, typically specialized in raising livestock, such as cattle, horses, or sheep.

Example: They own a cattle ranch, managing hundreds of head of cattle.

35. Agroecology

Definition: A branch of agricultural science that promotes sustainable and ecologically conscious farming practices.

Example: They practice agroecology, integrating natural ecosystem processes into their farming methods.

36. Organic farming

Definition: A method of agriculture that avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified organisms.

Example: They converted their farm to organic farming, focusing on natural methods of pest control and soil fertility.

37. Poultry

Definition: Refers to domesticated birds, such as chickens, turkeys, and ducks, raised for meat, eggs, or feathers.

Example: They have a poultry farm where they raise chickens for meat and eggs.

38. Cattle

Definition: Large ruminant animals, such as cows or bulls, raised for meat or milk production.

Example: They have a herd of cattle on their farm, primarily for beef production.

39. Pasture

Definition: Land covered with grass or other plants suitable for grazing animals.

Example: They rotate their livestock through different pastures to ensure sufficient grazing and prevent overgrazing.

40. Arable

Definition: Refers to land suitable for growing crops, often characterized by fertile soil and adequate water availability.

Example: They have a large arable field where they grow wheat and barley.

41. Farmette

Definition: A small farm or agricultural property, often smaller than a traditional farm.

Example: They have a farmette where they grow vegetables and raise a few chickens for personal consumption.

42. Market gardening

Definition: The small-scale production of vegetables, fruits, flowers, or herbs for sale in local markets or directly to consumers.

Example: They run a market gardening business, supplying fresh produce to local restaurants and farmers markets.

43. Rancher

Definition: A person who owns, operates, or manages a ranch, typically involved in raising livestock.

Example: He is a rancher who specializes in breeding and raising horses.

44. Plowman

Definition: Refers to a person who operates a plow, a farming implement used for turning the soil.

Example: The plowman prepared the field for planting by breaking up the soil.

45. Grazier

Definition: A person who raises or grazes livestock, particularly on natural or pasture land.

Example: They are graziers, focusing on raising grass-fed cattle for premium beef.

46. Ranchero

Definition: A term used in Spanish-speaking regions to refer to a rancher or owner of a ranch.

Example: The ranchero managed a large cattle ranch in the countryside.

47. Homesteader

Definition: A person who settles and cultivates land as a homestead, often with the goal of self-sufficiency.

Example: They are modern homesteaders, growing their own food and raising livestock on their property.

48. Agrotourism

Definition: A form of tourism that involves visiting or staying on a working farm or agricultural property.

Example: The farm offers agrotourism activities, allowing visitors to experience farm life and participate in farming activities.

49. Agriculturalist

Definition: A person who specializes in or studies agriculture and is knowledgeable about farming practices and techniques.

Example: He is an agriculturalist who conducts research on sustainable farming methods.

50. Cropdusting

Definition: The aerial application of pesticides, fertilizers, or other substances to crops using airplanes or helicopters.

Example: They hired a cropdusting company to spray their fields for pest control.

51. Farmhand

Definition: A person hired to work on a farm, assisting with various tasks and labor-intensive activities.

Example: He started as a farmhand, learning the ropes of farming and gradually taking on more responsibilities.

52. Landworker

Definition: A person who works on or manages land for agricultural purposes, involved in various farming activities.

Example: They hired a skilled landworker to help with the fieldwork and machinery operation.

53. Agroindustry

Definition: The sector of the economy that encompasses the processing, manufacturing, and distribution of agricultural products.

Example: The agroindustry plays a vital role in transforming raw agricultural commodities into value-added products.

54. Agribiotech

Definition: The application of biotechnology to improve agricultural practices, such as genetically modified crops or bioengineered livestock.

Example: The company focuses on agribiotech research, developing genetically modified seeds for higher crop yields.

55. Fertilizer

Definition: Substances or compounds added to the soil or plants to provide essential nutrients for plant growth and development.

Example: They use organic fertilizers, such as compost and manure, to enrich the soil on their farm.

56. Agrochemicals

Definition: Chemical substances used in agriculture to control pests, diseases, and weeds, or enhance plant growth.

Example: The farmers apply agrochemicals, such as herbicides and insecticides, to protect their crops.

57. Green thumb

Definition: A natural talent or skill for gardening or growing plants.

Example: She has a green thumb and can make any plant thrive in her garden.

58. Barnyard

Definition: Refers to the area around a barn or the yard where livestock are kept.

Example: The children enjoy visiting the barnyard and feeding the animals.

59. Hayfield

Definition: A field or area of land where hay is grown and harvested for animal feed.

Example: They have a hayfield where they grow and bale hay for their livestock.

60. Agrotecture

Definition: A portmanteau of “agriculture” and “architecture,” referring to the design and construction of structures for agricultural purposes.

Example: Agrotecture involves designing efficient and sustainable greenhouse structures for year-round crop production.

61. Hydroponics

Definition: A method of growing plants without soil, where the plants are instead grown in a nutrient-rich water solution.

Example: They use hydroponics to cultivate lettuce and herbs in their indoor farm.

62. Aquaculture

Definition: The practice of cultivating aquatic organisms, such as fish, shellfish, or aquatic plants, in controlled environments.

Example: They have an aquaculture facility where they raise freshwater fish for commercial sale.

63. Aquaponics

Definition: A system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics, where fish and plants are grown in a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship.

Example: They set up an aquaponics system, raising fish and using the nutrient-rich water to fertilize their hydroponic crops.

64. Permaculture

Definition: An agricultural and ecological design approach that seeks to create sustainable and self-sufficient systems based on natural ecosystems.

Example: They practice permaculture on their farm, integrating different plants and animals to create a balanced and productive ecosystem.

65. Viticulture

Definition: The cultivation and study of grapes, particularly for wine production.

Example: The region is known for its viticulture, producing high-quality wines.

66. Pisciculture

Definition: The rearing or farming of fish, particularly in controlled aquatic environments.

Example: They specialize in pisciculture, raising trout and catfish in their fish farm.

67. Apiary

Definition: A location where beehives are kept for the purpose of beekeeping and honey production.

Example: They have an apiary where they harvest honey from their beehives.

68. Greenhouse

Definition: A structure, often made of glass or plastic, designed to create a controlled environment for plant growth.

Example: They grow delicate flowers and vegetables in their greenhouse to protect them from extreme weather conditions.

69. Agroforestry

Definition: A land use system that combines the cultivation of crops or livestock with the cultivation of trees or other woody plants.

Example: They practice agroforestry, planting trees among their crops to provide shade and enhance soil fertility.

70. Food security

Definition: The state of having reliable and consistent access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to meet dietary needs.

Example: Improving agricultural productivity is crucial for achieving food security in developing countries.

71. Rural

Definition: Referring to areas or communities located outside of cities or urban centers, typically characterized by agricultural activities and a lower population density.

Example: He enjoys the peacefulness of rural life and the close connection to nature.

72. Subsistence

Definition: Relating to the practice of producing or obtaining enough food and resources to meet one’s basic needs, often without surplus for sale or trade.

Example: They practice subsistence farming, growing crops and raising livestock primarily for their own consumption.

73. Livelihood

Definition: The means of supporting oneself, often through employment, business, or activities related to agriculture or other occupations.

Example: Farming is their livelihood, providing income and sustenance for their family.

74. Agritourist

Definition: A person who engages in tourism or travel activities that involve visiting or participating in agricultural experiences or rural attractions.

Example: They offer agritourist experiences, such as farm tours and hands-on activities, to educate visitors about agriculture.

75. Stewardship

Definition: The responsible management and protection of natural resources, including land, water, and biodiversity, for the benefit of present and future generations.

Example: They prioritize environmental stewardship on their farm, implementing sustainable practices and conservation measures.

76. Haymaker

Definition: A person involved in the cutting, drying, and gathering of hay during the harvest season.

Example: The haymaker worked tirelessly to gather the hay before the rain arrived.

77. Harvest

Definition: The process of gathering mature crops, typically done at the end of the growing season.

Example: The farmers celebrated a bountiful harvest, filled with ripe fruits and golden grains.

78. Cultivator

Definition: A farm implement or machine used to prepare the soil, control weeds, or break up the soil surface.

Example: They use a cultivator to till the soil and create seedbeds for planting.

79. Seeder

Definition: A machine or device used for sowing seeds into the soil, typically in rows or furrows.

Example: They invested in a new precision seeder to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their planting process.

80. Herder

Definition: A person who takes care of and manages a herd of animals, such as cattle, sheep, or goats.

Example: The herder led the sheep to new grazing pastures.

81. Agrodome

Definition: A large covered or domed structure used for agricultural exhibitions, showcasing livestock, crops, and farming technologies.

Example: They attended an agricultural fair held in an impressive agrodome.

82. Agriculturalism

Definition: A philosophical or social belief system that emphasizes the importance of agriculture and agrarian values.

Example: The ancient Chinese philosopher, Xunzi, advocated for agriculturalism as the foundation of a harmonious society.

83. Farmworker

Definition: A person employed to work on a farm, performing various tasks related to agriculture and animal husbandry.

Example: They hired farmworkers during the busy planting and harvesting seasons.

84. Ranchette

Definition: A small ranch or property, often smaller in scale compared to a traditional ranch.

Example: They own a ranchette, raising a few horses and cattle on their property.

85. Harvestman

Definition: An old term for a person who participates in or assists with the harvest of crops.

Example: The harvestman oversaw the gathering and storage of the crops after they were harvested.

86. Dairyman

Definition: A person who operates or works on a dairy farm, involved in the production and management of milk and dairy products.

Example: The dairyman milks the cows twice a day and ensures the cleanliness of the milking equipment.

87. Plantation

Definition: A large estate or agricultural property where crops, such as sugar, tobacco, or cotton, are cultivated on a commercial scale.

Example: The region is known for its vast tea plantations, covering acres of hilly terrain.

88. Piggery

Definition: A facility or area where pigs are raised for commercial purposes, such as meat production.

Example: They expanded their piggery to meet the growing demand for pork in the market.

89. Aggier

Definition: A term referring to a student or alumni of an agricultural college or university, often associated with Texas A&M University.

Example: The group of aggiers organized a networking event for graduates in the agriculture industry.

90. Fallow

Definition: Refers to land that is left uncultivated or without crops for a period of time to allow the soil to regenerate or rest.

Example: They rotate their fields, leaving some fallow each year to prevent soil depletion.

91. Horticulturist

Definition: A person who specializes in the science and practice of cultivating and growing plants, often in gardens, nurseries, or ornamental settings.

Example: The horticulturist advises on plant selection and care for the botanical garden.

92. Agfarming

Definition: A playful or slang term combining “agriculture” and “farming” to refer to the practice of farming and agricultural activities.

Example: They’re passionate about agfarming and work hard to ensure sustainable and profitable operations.

93. Landwork

Definition: Refers to the various tasks, operations, and activities involved in working the land for agricultural purposes.

Example: They engage in landwork, plowing, seeding, and maintaining their fields for crop production.

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