15+ Slang Words For Babe (And How To Use Them)

Babe is one of the most popular terms of endearment to refer to your girlfriend, wife, or partner. It is a universal word that hints of sweetness and fondness, but is often always used to refer to an attractive woman. We have gathered a list of similar slang words. Be careful though because some of them don't have the same sweet effect as "babe" and may even be thought of as offensive by some. Here you go:

Slang Words for Babe (in Alphabetical Order)

Astronaut's Wife


  • (Noun) An attractive, rich, older female exhibiting an aura of dominance and power. 

  • Example: My boss is an astronaut’s wife. She is very pretty, but it feels like she would swallow me whole. 



  • (Noun) Short for a big, beautiful woman. A hot and attractive “plus-sized” lady. Be careful as this is also commonly used in pornographic titles. 
  • Example: She is a fine BBW. She is confident and slays the runway.



  • (Noun) A slang word that can describe either an attractive lady or a dull and plain woman. 
  • Example: Her smile shines through. What a Betty!

Booth Babe


  • (Noun) Urban slang for hot lady hired by a company to attract people to their business. 
  • Example: People lined up for this insurance company because of the charming booth babe.



  • (Adj) A lady that is pretty. It can also refer to someone promiscuous, so use this slang properly.
  • Example: My childhood crush was Monica Geller. She was definitely breezy. 

Chiquita Banana


  • (Noun) A slang phrase with Spanish origins. It is simply used to refer to a beautiful lady, usually a stranger.
  • Example: You’re my Chiquita banana and don’t you ever forget that.

Decent Rita


  • (Noun) A somewhat offensive slang for physically attractive women.
  • Example: That lady on the counter is a Decent Rita. Try to talk to her.



  • (Noun) Street slang is used like “doll” or “baby.” Mainly as a term of endearment because a dime is money and money is valuable. 
  • Example: She is my dime. I won’t ever cheat on her. 



  • (Noun) A sweet, beautiful, and delightful female. This slang term is also used as a term of endearment for the female partner. 
  • Example: I am so stressed right now I don't wanna see any face other than my wife's. She's such a doll.



  • (Noun) A corrupted form of “honey.” A sweet way of referring to your other half or partner. 

News Babe


  • (Noun) A beautiful newscaster that makes people watch the news when she is on.
  • Example: I heard the news babe is quitting to make a film. Good for her.

Sexy Mama


  • (Noun) A street slang that is slightly vulgar but often used. A hot woman with strong sex appeal. 
  • Example: She is one sexy mama. The way she talks, moves, and leads the team is just breathtaking because of her confidence.

Snow Bunny


  • (Noun) Slang for a beautiful Caucasian female. This is street slang, usually used as a term of endearment for a white lady in a relationship with a black man. 
  • Example: She is my tiny snow bunny. I will protect her against everything.



  • (Noun) Another slang often used in bars or nightclubs to refer to attractive females. 
  • Example: Wednesday night often makes the club jam-packed with some tail.  



  • (Noun) Referencing the famous and delicious sponge cake, it refers to an attractive and young lady. It can also be used to refer to your significant other in a cutesy way. 
  • Example: I heard he has a twinkie in the city.

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