15+ Slang Words For Kissing (And How To Use Them)

While some downplay its significance or consider it a mere physical interaction between two people, kissing is universally understood to a symbol of love and intimacy. That is why we have lots of slang words for kissing. 

Listed down below are the slang words related to kissing. Do note that some of these slang words can get pretty spicy so children should stay away. Some of these slang words have different usage and origin so read carefully. 

Slang Words for Kissing (in Alphabetical Order)

1st Base/ Got To 1st Base


  • (Noun) A baseball reference. 1st base is the first milestone a player needs before going homerun, which in this case is intercourse. It is a famous slang for the act of kissing. 
  • Example: Sheila and Janice got to 1st base at the party. They really hit it off after some drinking and playing. 

Be All Over


  • (Verb) This phrase means to kiss and hold intimately, usually more intensely and sexually.  
  • Example: Danny was all over Becky after they met at the airport. They got separated for far too long.



  • (Verb) An old and obsolete slang for kissing, originates possibly in the UK. 
  • Example: She and Jimmy were caught bussing by the school principal.



  • (Verb) Used extensively in the 19th Century in the US. This means to kiss and hug passionately and lovingly. 
  • Example: Mom and Dad were not afraid of canoodling in front of friends because they were so public about each other.

Get On


  • (Verb) This slang phrase means to kiss but it can also mean to do drugs or have sexual relations, depending on the context.
  • Example: Trina and Steve were getting it on at the bar until her dad called.



  • (Verb) To kiss amorously or with passion. Kissing in such a manner is often considered inappropriate.
  • Example: Judy tried to get daring with Mandy and wanted to mack at the party but he was not up for it. 

Make Out


  • (Verb) Arguably the most famous slang for kissing. Widely used all over the world including the US.
  • Example: At the cliff, Jake and Ginny were making out inside their car.



  • (Noun) It means “non-committal make-out.” It is slang for kissing without any strings or merely making out in a platonic manner.  
  • Example:  After her long-term relationship ending, she just wanted some chill platonic relationships with some NCMO.



  • (Verb) To kiss some in the cheek or lips quickly. 
  • Example: The sailors got to peck their partners before going into the ocean.

Plant One On


  • (Verb) To give a kiss to someone.
  • Example: She wanted to plant one on him but he was too distracted.



  • (Verb) To flirt and kiss passionately.  May or may not be related to sexual intercourse.
  • Example: Marty was partying and scamming with his boyfriend at the dance floor.



  • (Verb) To French kiss someone. 
  • Example: Movies where couples shift with each other when they wake up are so unrealistic. Morning breaths are disgusting!



  • (Verb) Originates from the word “smouch” which meant to embrace tightly during the 1930s in the UK. “Smooching” was very popular during the 50s until today. 
  • Example: It was our first time smooching and I found it kind of weird, unlike the ones you see in the movies.



  • (Verb) The British slang for kissing.
  • Example: I just had to snog my wife one last time before leaving for Japan.

Yankee Dime


  • (Noun) A slang word used often in the Southern areas of the US. It means a kiss or smooch.
  • Example: I packed her a Yankee dime before going to her aunt in Florida. 

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