15+ Slang Words For Ouch (And How To Use Them)

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Without a moment's notice, pain comes and we hear the screams of "ouch". While "ouch" is a pretty popular way of reacting to pain, there are other expressions that can be used to express the same. Alert yourself whenever you hear these slang words for "ouch".

Slang Words for Ouch (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Adjective) An apt term for pain with roots to Jesus’ “Agony in the Garden”.
  • Example: Because of Jane’s fear of needles, having that vaccine shot was the most agonizing three seconds of her life.



  • (Interjection) A humorous exclamation of  pain, anger, or surprise.
  • Example: Alas! I saw a man hit by a car.

Ay Caramba


  • (Interjection) A Spanish expression similar to “alas” for surprise or pain made popular by a character in a long-running American cartoon show.
  • Example: Ay caramba! Lisa just passed her cold to me.



  • (Interjection) A British slang for having been surprised which may/may not be from pain.
  • Example: Crikey! Their dog just bit me.

Dull Ache


  • (Noun) A sensation of recurring pain that does not stop you from doing daily activities.
  • Example: Ouch! There’s a dull ache in my upper abdomen. You guys continue with the game while I wait for this to pass.



  • (Verb) A popular acronym that stands for “knock out”, this is a painful ending for physical sports like boxing or in console gaming wherein a player has gone unconscious.
  • Example: The world champion let out an “Ouch!” after being K.O-ed by the challenger.

Kiss Away


  • (Verb) What adults do to make children’s pain go away.
  • Example: When Baby Nate cried “Ouch!”, his mother hurriedly kissed away the pain in his knee.

Oh Dear


  • (Expression) An expression for a situation that strikes fear or pain.
  • Example: Oh dear! Candy just broke up with Jake while everyone was watching. Ouch.



  • (Expression) A gaming slang that stands for “player kill”. This means the player just lost the game.
  • Example: Ouch! That P.K. could have been avoided if Drake did this move.

Pain in the Neck


  • (Expression) An annoying person who causes distress to others.
  • Example: My son has moved back in since graduating from college and he's been a pain in the neck.



  • (Noun) A sudden physically or emotionally painful sensation.
  • Example: They had to trick the kid into getting the shot. He was giggling at the funny video until he felt a slight pang from the syringe.

Royal Pain


  • (Expression) A superlative form of being a “pain in the neck”, to be a “royal pain” is to be excessively troublesome.
  • Example: The pop star is such a royal pain. His coffee orders are way too specific, and it's not like he's there to see how the baristas react.



  • (Adjective) A painful sensation similar to being run through by a sharp object.
  • Example: “Ouch!” Ashley screamed while having a stabbing pain in the head. 



  • (Noun) A painful sensation brought by a strong substance either by a prescription drug side-effect or a poison.
  • Example: The sting of the breakup still makes Heather clutch her heart.



  • (Interjection) An Irish slang interjection that attracts people’s attention to pain.
  • Example: Wirra! The mosquito just bit me!

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