15+ Slang Words For Pants (And How To Use Them)

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In similar shapes but in various sizes, there's a pair of pants that fits any occasion. Originally fitted for the boys, the 20th century helped normalize pants-wearing for everyone. Since then, the world got more and more stylish in outerwear as pants proved to be a wardrobe staple that gets revamped often. Flaunt your pants when you use the following expressions based on them below.

Slang Words for Pants (in Alphabetical Order)

Ants in Somebody's Pants


  • (Idiom) To be giddy and anxious.
  • Example: Penny kept running around the house as if she had ants in her pants. She’s too excited for her favorite aunt to arrive.

Beat the Pants Off


  • (Verb) To inflict serious damage on someone.
  • Example: Harris and his gang beat the pants off of anyone who stands in their way.

Bore the Pants Off


  • (Verb) To cause someone to be extremely bored. 
  • Example: The explanation for the long equation bored the pants off the literature majors.

Camel Toe


  • (Idiom) The outlined labia formed by tightly fitting pants. 
  • Example: There are life hacks online on how to manage camel toes and wear tight pants at the same time.

Fly By the Seat of One's Pants


  • (Verb) To think or act based on instinct rather than logic.
  • Example: Anyone who bets on the lottery is flying by the seat of their pants. No one really knows the winning numbers.

Hot Pants


  • (Noun) To be sexually stimulated.
  • Example: The boys were in hot pants while watching the r-rated movie.



  • (Noun) A fashionable pair of pants made of denim.
  • Example: Carson’s new jeans can easily be spotted in a crowd.



  • (Noun) A military-printed pair of pants.
  • Example: Prince’s khakis have mud all over.

Kick in the Pants


  • (Idiom) An embarrassing moment that makes one reflect on their behavior.
  • Example: Seeing her embarrassing love letter in the hands of her crush was a real kick in the pants for Lara Jean.

Not Much Cop


  • (Expression) A non-stylish pair of pants.
  • Example: Even if Cliff claims that his pants were new, they were not much cop.



  • (Noun) A corporate attire for the ladies consisting of pants and a coat.
  • Example: Jenny’s pantsuit was carefully tailored for her.

Scare the Pants Off


  • (Verb) To cause great fear on someone.
  • Example: The clown scared the pants off my 25-year old cousin.



  • (Noun) A loose type of pants made with silky or velvety materials.
  • Example: Ron wore his brother’s slacks to the wedding.

Smarty Pants


  • (Noun) A popular slang for a person who displays their intellect pretentiously.
  • Example: Your seatmate is a smarty pants. He has an unsolicited explanation for everything.



  • (Noun) The British slang for pants. 
  • Example: Stefan forgot to pack his favorite trousers.

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